Elektronik sounds transmitted from the Gooiland area in Holland for bohemian spirits, libertine hearts, decadent souls and hedonistic minds.


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Expected at the end of April:

Gooiland 19 (ET039 / 300 copies) - Tobias Bernstrup - Romanticism LP + 12"

Here is the fourth full length album by Tobias Bernstrup...
moving away a bit from the italo influenced sound of his previous releases this is much more produced as a state of the art contemporary synth pop record… but don't be afraid... these are still tracks to dance away on in the dark of the night... next to up to date dance music orientated pieces there are also tracks with a more classic approach… like EBM style rhythms and 80’s influenced synthpop tunes… and throughout the album there is the typical Tobias Bernstrup touch of decadent and hedonistic moods... next to that this release features a remix by EBM and futurepop star Apoptygma Berzerk… giving the album just another future dancefloor favorite for sure!

A1 Moments Lost
A2 Happy Sad
A3 Until Tomorrow
A4 Oceans

B1 Hitman
B2 Seek And Destroy
B3 Romanticism
B4 Dorian Gray

C1 Revolution
C2 Laterna Magica

D Moments Lost - Apoptygma Berzerk remix

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Gooiland 18 (ET037 / 200 copies) - Kit n C.l.a.w.s - Desertofsameness 12"

Kit n C.l.a.w.s. is a project by two experienced musicians in the fields of dance and psychedelic music…
teaming up was probably one of the better ideas they had for a long time as the music this duo serves us is simply amazing…
deep trance indulging moody house tracks with acid influences…

still this acid never becomes industrial as techno can be but stays on the psychedelic side of things… slow trippy stuff to dance and dream away on…
headmusic for the dancefloor!

A1 getoffthefun
A2 toxoterror

B1 drefuckgoth
B2 findusonyelp

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Gooiland 17 (ET036 / 200 copies) - Former Descent - Tough Love International 12"

Former Descent is the free spirited project by the mastermind behind Neurobit and Rioteer…
With this project he blends in a very successful way minimalism and lo-fi electronics with tough rhythms… these rhythm based tracks take its cue from old school EBM and new beat…
this while the melodic elements give the tracks just the right touches to draw you deeper into them… harsh and playful and light and dark never went so well together before… 
resulting in pure rave anthems!

A1 Right Between Those Eyes
A2 Tough Love International

B1 Futile Struggle
B2 All-In And Losing The Game

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Gooiland 16 (ET035 / 100 copies) - Various Artists - Freikörperkultur LP - first edition on transparent yellow vinyl 
Gooiland 16 (ET035 / 250 copies) - Various Artists - Freikörperkultur LP - second edition on black vinyl (AVAILABLE)

This is a celebration of the body on every level... to free the body is to free the mind... and this is the perfect soundtrack for getting you on the way...
from hi-nrg influenced synth-pop to new school cold wave and from harsh body beats to trance indulging spacious elektro...
you are invited to the party but only if you can say goodbye to prudence...

A1 Tobias Bernstrup - Nylon (HY-NRG Mix)
A2 Sololust - Showtime
A3 Zarkoff & Popsimonova - Scared
A4 Lesbian Mouseclicks - Stars Get Hurt

B1 Tannhäuser Gate - Obsession
B2 Popsimonova - Amnesia
B3 Le Moine - Amnesia
B4 Brusque Twins - What Else Is There To Say? (MM)

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Juno says:
The Gooiland Electro/Enfant Terrible axis remains strangely under the radar of appreciation despite releasing an array of music that would please the punch out of those that favour Bordello A Parigi, Dark Entries, Light Sounds Dark and Mannequin. Having recently been name checked by Silent Servant as a label to follow, this may change and those turned onto the name by that Noisey interview should consider this Freikorperkultur compilation a fine introduction. Commencing with a typically flamboyant Hi NRG synth pop contribution from Gooiland regular Tobias Bernstrup, the eight tracks touch on EBM, grizzled wave, dark electro and more with the Lesbian Mouseclicks and Tannhauser Gate productions particular highlights!


Gooiland 15 (ET033 / 100 copies) - Kord feat. Annie Gylling - We Live In This 12" - first edition on pink vinyl SOLD OUT
Gooiland 15 (ET033 / 200 copies) - Kord feat. Annie Gylling - We Live In This 12" - second edition on black vinyl (AVAILABLE)

The musician behind Kord is an original member of Swedish cult electronic/acid oufit Frak and producing music since the late 1980's...
with Kord he produces a more synthpop minded kind of music... most of the time...
 for Gooiland Elektro he teamed up with his partner in crime/love and came up with this raw elektro EP... these tracks are the perfect mix of crazy and twisted electronic music
(a signature of his Frak work) and dancefloor orientated sounds since the late 1980's... so we get served unpolished dance tunes with hints
of EBM, new beat and (minimal) elektro... non stop primitive disco for sure!

A1 Lovestruck

A2 Black

B1 Control
B2 Vacation

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Gooiland 14 (ET032 / 100 copies) - Rude 66 - 12" - first edition on transparent green vinyl SOLD OUT
Gooiland 14 (ET032 / 250 copies) - Rude 66 - 12" - second edition on black vinyl (AVAILABLE - last copies)

Rude 66
does not need an introduction... this Dutch acid and elektro veteran has been around for a long time... being part of the old school acid scene from The Hague
with releases on legendary label Acid Planet and he is one of the originals (again) when it comes to the new wave of electro in the late 1990's... especially for Gooiland Elektro he has
created this dark elektro EP... two vocals tracks on the A-side with Beta Evers and Sololust appearing as partners in crime... and on the B-side two instrumental almost trance like tracks...
this is were elektro, acid (beat) and a touch of old school gothic come together!

A1 Under Cover Of The Night (featuring Beta Evers)
A2 Stars Get Hurt (featuring Sololust)
B1 Mutual Assured Destruction
B2 Radio Peace and Progress
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Gooiland 13 (ET031 / 200 copies) - Saralunden - Suggestive Boy 12"

Among many other things Saralunden proves to be a dismal disco star... on this EP she sounds like a stripped down and darker counterpart of Sally Shapiro...
presenting moody and sexy music which is in some ways similar to the italo influenced stuff Chromatics is doing...  and with the same twisted erotic vibe of Pulp...
this is dirty disco and we like to dance to it... and make out on it...

A1 Suggestive Boy
A2 Somebody Else's Boyfriend

B1 I Look Good
B2 Hug Me

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Gooiland 11 (ET029 / 250 copies) - This Morn' Omina - Nagash 12"

This Morn' Omina has built a name for itself in industrial and ritual music... but from another point of view this is hard hitting goa trance... like the perfect mix between
early Eat Static and Banco De Gaia...  but done in an industrial kind of way... the result... perfect rave anthems for an Indian Summer party in the twilight...

A1 Epoch (ccf)
A2 (The) Ninth Key (ccf)

B1 The Immutable Sphere (ccf)
B2 Obeah

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Juno says: ...
a four-track EP that sounds like it came straight from the mid-to-late-'80s. A high octane "Epoch (ccf)" opens proceedings with industrial rave-beats and
Skinny Puppy-like vocals, while "(The) Ninth Key (ccf)" pounds down heavy like an early Regis production - paired with Karl O'Conner's vocals similar to what we heard on the excellent
White Savage Dance 12". The B-side of "The Immutable Sphere (ccf)" would nestle neatly into a Terence Fixmer DJ set thanks to its Front 242 styled aggression, while "Obeah" features
the frenetic drums and flusters of random instrumentation reminiscent of an early Liam Howlett production for The Prodigy. For EBM enthusiast this is a no brainer.


Gooiland 10 (ET028 / 350 copies) - Various Artists - Club Funny Horse

This is the sound of Belgian 80's nightclubs re-energized for the current scene... from dancefloor to darkroom... it is all here...
dark, dirty, raw and sweaty... for bodies to move on and minds to loose... in the strobelights... and beyond... no more words... just beats and...

A1 Cute Heels - Silence Complot
A2 Drvg Cvltvre - Year Zero

B1 Ekman - 2 To The 64th Minus 1
 B2 Marburg - XXVIII (Drone Variant)

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Juno says: Ekman, DRVG CVLTRE, Cute Heels and Marburg all feature on Club Funny Horse, a killer 12" sized compilation... Taking the New Beat sounds of 1980s Belgian nightclubs as their starting point, the four producers veer off in their own distinct paths and the results are thrilling.

Norman Records says: Gooiland Elektro has compiled this four tracker of dark and dirty house for your pleasure.From the opening track by Cute Heels
the vibe is instantly set:
80s nightclubs and Belgian S&M techno. ... Drvg Cvltvre takes us even deeper and darker into almost industrial territory with its robot synths and thumping bass. ... With Ekman and
Marburg we're into a squelchy acid house zone: the beat still pumping through your body, but it’s getting late now, things are becoming a little strange, and the freaks are coming
out of the woodwork.

AVAILABLE (last copies):

Gooiland 09 (ET027 / 200 copies) - Popsimonova 12"

Popsimonova is the new upcoming queen of cold electro (wave) ... her tracks are cold but with lots of energy... intelligent constructed tracks to make you move but also to make
you take a step back and let
the music work on you in different ways... this is what they call electro beyond the former Iron Curtain...
and this is what we move to on any good electro party...

Staviti Crveni Ruž
A2 Brzo

B2 Danas Si Slab

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Backagain says:
Die Musik von POPSIMONOVA verarbeitet eine Menge verschiedener Einflüsse von EBM über Pop bis Techno und hat dabei ein schönes 80er Jahre-Flair. „Staviti Crveni Ruz“ klingt wie eine Mischung aus Liaisons Dangereuses und Italo-Disco und ist ein richtiger Hit. „Brzo“ ist etwas experimenteller und leicht hektisch, ergänzt durch die gute Frauenstimme, was dem Ganzen ein bisschen was von Genevieve Pasquier anhaften lässt. „Ektoplazma“ ist waviger und wohl am tiefsten im Electro der 80er verwurzelt. Dürfte auch Minimal-Freunde erfreuen, bleibt dabei aber sehr tanzbar. Für mich der Hit dieser EP. Ähnlich endet die Platte mit „Danas Si Slab“, das wie The Klinik mit weiblicher Stimme klingt, sehr gut.

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Gooiland 06 (ET023 / 300 copies / first 100 copies with special print as insert) - Tobias Bernstrup - Destruction 12"

If there is a new wave of italo disco Tobias Bernstrup is among the top of that... for years he has been perfecting his sound... he mixes italo disco elements with
classic synth-pop/electro-pop touches... this new EP is filled with dancefloor hits for the neo-romantics among us...
italo disco turned into future pop smashers... 

A1 The World Falls Apart
A2 She's In Love

B1 Orrendamente Solo
B2 Destruction

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Backagain says: ... Vier ultra-eingängige Electro-Pop-Songs mit Tanzbarkeits-Garantie. „The World Falls Apart“ ist klassischer Italo-Disco-Sound ganz im Stile von Acts wie
Baltimora, Scotch, Righeira und wie sie damals alle hießen. Wäre 1985 sicher ein Hit geworden.

Coming in the near futureFOQL 12", Monocorpse 12", Utroid 12", FFFC 12", compilation #4 and more...

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