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Welcome to the mailorder of Enfant Terrible

Click on the genres below (in green) to browse the selections in that category.  Here is the current stock (last updated on 08-02-2016):

Enfant Terrible releases / synth sounds (post)-industrial muzak & experimental music

psychedelic tunes / new wave & post-punk & weird pop & indie / non music items

Latest arrival: Ocean Floor LP, Father Murphy 10"Bran tape, Digital Poodle 12"Celldod LP, Mathieu Serruys LP, Frederik Croene LP, Sewer Election and Leda LPBrannten SchnüreLP V/A - Rekordfahrt Negativ LPDa-Sein 7", Codex Empire 12", Staatseinde 7", Europ Europ 7", Sololust 7", Diverting Duo LP, Europ Europ/Dross The Drone split 12", Bronze LP, The Silicon Scientist 2LP, Brad E. Rose LP, Daniel Fagerstrom LP and Space Knight 7" amongst others...

Special deal: Dutch music pack... pick 2 vinyls AND 2 cd's for 35 euro in total (ex shipping)... you can choose from: Orduc LP (minimal synth/original 80's LP OR recently released LP), Hero Wouters LP (80's minimal synth/psych on ET), Orduc 7" (minimal synth), Rioteer 7" (8 bit), Kamp Holland 2LP (various artists ET compilation), Eklin cd (psych), Duizend cd (psych), Gartmalen cd (synth/darkwave), Woud cd (psych) and Logosamphia cd (weird).

Coming soon: Gooiland Elektro compilation LP, Neurobit mini LP, Neugeborene Nachtmusik 7" and more...

For orders send an e-mail to: info at enfant-terrible.nl (subject: order) or for easy shoping go to the ET discogs shop here... All prices are exclusive package & postage.

Please note: Dutch Post is very reliable but nevertheless we have to point out the following: standard postage is without insurance. This
means that the customer carries the risk of a lost/damaged package. If you want insurance for your package, please ask us for the prices.