Enfant Terrible/Vrystaete/Freedom Club/Gooiland Elektro

Independent record label, webshop and event organisation founded in 2004. Free spirited music in the traditions of elektro-wave & post-punk,  ambient & experimental folklore and (post-)techno & off radar dance music.


Expected around April:

  • ЯTRA – Liberation EP cd/digital (Freedom Club)
  • The Untitled – Nachtwaker EP cd/digital (Freedom Club)

Expected around May:

  • Ab ovo – Le Temps Retrouvé 2LP (Vrystaete)
  • Foresteppe LP – No Time To Hurry LP (Vrystaete)



  • Imagined & planned:

    • V/A Freedom Club LP (Freedom Club)
    • Girotuna LP (Vrystaete)
    • Europ Europ – Repeating Mistakes LP –> special edition of last 15 copies with screen printed artwork
    • Tobias Bernstrup – 1984 12″ EP –> special edition of last 44 copies with screen printed artwork