A bit of delay…

The upcoming records by Leroy Se Meurt and Futuro de Hierro are delayed a bit… which should be no surprise taking the current situation in account… There is some delay at the pressing plant and I have to see if the workspaces where I print the artwork usually are opening up soon… I am not eager to compromise on the way I make the records for Enfant Terrible… I like to print all myself… this is an essential part of the process… I want every single record to go through my hands… meaning I print the artwork and do the assembling of the records and the artwork… I like to be connected in this way to the artefacts I put out…

So… I hope you have a little bit of patience… I aim for the end of May for these two records to be ready… which probably is better anyway as hopefully most record shops will be open again… so it makes more sense to have the records ready then anyway…



2 thoughts on “A bit of delay…”

  1. hey

    i live in san francisco and love your label
    esp the lovely niedowierzanie lp, i have been
    thinking about picking up a couple of titles

    1. is there any u.s. distro? looked, but no luck
    2. are you still shipping these days?
    3. what would rate be to u.s. for 1 or 2 lps?

    thx, stay well!

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