dj M. – Lesson#66

There is a new mixtape / dj set online which I recorded not too long ago… it features old school EBM, dark elektro, dark techno… all of this often spiced up with industrial tendencies so to speak… featured are tracks from Le Syndicat Electronique, Roberto Auser, Ian Martin, Utroid, Moncorpse, Blush Response and Mace. amongst others… and sorry for the skipping in one track… that is what you get with old vinyl records that you have played too many times…

dj M. – Lesson#11

Here is a last mixtape / dj set from my archives before the summertime really kicks in… this is a mix from a few years ago… minimal electronics… rather noisy, industrial and punky… featuring stuff like Enema Syringe, Ich Bin, ICK, Blasterkorps, Maria Zerfall, Commando Laarz, Bastards Of Love, Le Syndicat Electronique, Europ Europ and many more… enjoy!