Diamantener Oberhof digital release

People who follow my label know I am not doing digital releases… this not because I am against them or something… it is just that it is not my way of listening to music and because of that it is a waste of time to me to realise digital versions of Enfant Terrible releases…

Sometimes musicians want to do a digital release themselves and that is quite okay with me… so Diamantener Oberhof have put the album we did release on Vrystaete (2015) now online to listen to…

The funny thing is that the musicians put it online as a stream on Youtube… so you can listen the complete album while just sitting back… here is the stream… enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Diamantener Oberhof digital release”

  1. Putting music on Youtube is not to be considered a release, since it is only available on internet, not as download. Of course youtube can provide some extra light shining on the original release. Great Album by the way!

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