dj M at Gifgrond

A few weeks ago I had a great time at Gifgrond… the Gifgrond ladies invited me again to curate a night at their wonderful venue and event… here is a report in Dutch by VPRO 3voor12

I already wrote a bit about lately… now I also posted my dj set online I did after the live acts for the dance part of the event… it is a dj set of about 2 hours with loads of 80’s and also some more contemporary stuff… think in the likes of elektro-wave, synth-pop, minimal electronics and so on… long time since I did a dj set with these tunes… years and years ago, mostly during the Hex nights way back… and also did I not play for the dance floor since some time… it was great fun and there was an enthusiastic audience which made it extra nice to play these songs… enjoy!