Enfant Terrible is a Dutch independent platform for music and art and was founded in 2004. The focus is on electronic / experimental (pop) music in styles such as synth pop, elektro, techno and ambient.

Enfant Terrible, as a record label, was one of the first to start to give recognition and attention to the pioneers of minimal electronics / proto-elektro / avant-garde pop / experimental electronic pop music from the early 1980’s. Next to that it is one of the few labels in this field of music that truly invests in the development of new talents in this music tradition. Records like Trumpett Sounds (Enfant02, 2005) and Electronic Renaissance (Enfant04, 2006) have for been in a large part responsible for the revival of the styles mentioned above… and considered cult classics today…

In 2012 the Gooiland Elektro label was founded for dancefloor orientated music: contemporary music in the traditions of early European techno, EBM and elektro music… and beyond.

Vrystaete started in 2014 and is a label with a focus on folklore, psychedelic, ambient and lo-fi sounds. All records in this series come with handmade artwork and/or packaging.

In short, Enfant Terrible is a platform for independent culture. This through the record labels, the special selected records in the mailorder, the live events and Radio Resistencia, the montly event / radio programme recorded for Intergalactic FM.


Enfant Terrible is a registered company:

Chamber of Commerce: 30186323
VAT number: NL142113517B01