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Glorious Din – Leading Stolen Horses  (B.F.E. Records)

Re-issue of this classic album from 1985 by the San Francisco based legendary post-punk band Glorious Din… must have for fans of post-punk, death rock, early goth stuff… like Southern Death Cult for example…

listen to a track here…

LP, 8 tracks, comes with special sleeve/artwork, edition of 300 copies
Price: 16,50 euro

Johnny Boy – Modern Idol (Anywave)

Fresh sounding post-punk and new wave songs on this debut EP… quite modern sounding and catchy stuf… four original tracks on the A side and some remixes on the B side… including one by Aniaetleprogrammeur… worthwhile to check out…

listen to a track here…

12″, 8 tracks
Price: 5 euro (only 1 copy left)

Collateral – Dark EP (Desire Records)

Superb release by Collateral… if anything could be classified as minimal wave then this is it. Minimalistic new wave songs with hints of shoegaze and spiced up with electronics… a bit like Chromatics maybe… highly recommended!

listen to a track here…

12″, 3 tracks, limited to 300 copies
Price: 10 euro (only 2 copies left)

Hot Guts – Edges (Blind Prophet Records)

Quality stuff here for fans of cold wave / new wave… at times they sound more electronic (minimal electronics)… at other times more guitar orientated (Sonic Youth / indie / post-punk)… but still they produce this very coherent album… for people with an open mind and a good taste…

listen to a track here…

lp, 8 tracks, gatefold sleeve
Price: 10 euro (only 1 copy left)

Various Artists – FM-BX Society Tape 001 (S.S. Records)

Very nice re-issue of tape from 1981. Released as a compilation cassette in Belgium with the bands Unit4, The Topplers and Isolation Ward on it. Unit 4 was an all girl post-punk band fom Belgium. Nothing else is available from this band except the 4 tracks on this record. The Topplers from Scotland had some fame in the (post)punk scene of the early 1980’s. They are featured with 3 songs here. Isolation Ward is probably the best known band from the three. They have some fame in the new wave / post-punk scene. 3 excellent tracks are featured on this compilation.

Unit 4
The Topplers

lp, 10 tracks, limited to 500 copies
Price: 10 euro

Sixteens / Lineas Albies – Untitled split 10″ (Pomez Records)

This record was released some years ago and I just forgot to get it… and I missed out on two of the best tracks Sixteens ever did! ‘For Rent’ is a synth punk dancefloor filler for sure while ‘Snake Charmer’ is a dark psychedelic trip that leaves you hungry for more. Lineas Albies is a Spanish (post)punk/rock band… maybe not everybody’s cup of tea… but the two Sixteens tracks are more then worthwhile to get this record… I promise!!

10″, 4 tracks, crystal clear yellow vinyl, limited and numbered edition of 500 copies
Price: 5 euro
Special deal –> order for a minimum of 25 euro of other records and get this one for FREE…

Mt. Sims – Happily Ever After (Hungry Eye Records)

After the new 12″ on Hungry Eye (we recently had to re-order this one, so back in stock now) this is the new full lengt album by Mt. Sims. Like the 12″ much more in the post-punk tradition as in the electro style of his early work. Spooky sounds and moody synths make up for some fierce contemporary post-punk songs with that obvious but nice 80’s feeling…

listen to a track here…

cd, 12 tracks
Price: 2 euro (only 3 copies left)
Special deal –> order for a minimum of 25 euro of other records and get this one for FREE…

Red Voice Choir – A Thousand Reflections (Atakra Productions)

Great debut EP by Red Voice Choir. This is a project by members of the celebrated acts Black Ice, The Holy Kiss and Death Of A Party. The sound is moody and intense indie rock, moving far away from the deathrock/batcave roots of the musicians and into new territory. Superb indie rock by highly skilled musicians. Hopefully this is not the last they will release…

listen to a track here…

cd, 6 tracks
Price: 2 euro (only 1 copy left)
Special deal –> order for a minimum of 25 euro of other records and get this one for FREE…