(post) industrial muzak / experimental music

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Hess – Foulée (Synesthetic Alchemy)

A new release one on one of my favourite labels… and sadly the last one as I have heard… If you liked the the previous releases on Synesthetic Alchemy then treat yourself with this one… quite dark soundscapes… at times abstract… at other times relaxing ambient… just a great trip!

Nothing online to listen to but if you know this label you do not need “proof” of how good this is…

LP, 8 tracks, insert, edition of 213 copies
Price: 16 euro


Grykë Pye – Collision and Coalescence (Mappa)

Second vinyl album by German/Finnish project Gyrkë Pyje featuring the musician involved in Diamantener Oberhof (Vyrstaete) and behind Baldruin… Super nice release… I like it even better as the first vinyl… it is abstract but playful and free spirited… ambient but not as you here it all the time… big tip!

listen to the album here…

LP, 12 tracks, edition of 200 copies
Price: 16 euro (only 1 copy left)

Zosima – Live  Cuts (Noiztank)

Maybe you know Zosima from the album on ET… here is a new 12″ EP on his own excellent Noiztank label… 4 tracks recorded live but they sound like genuine studio tracks… truly adventurous contemporary industrial noise as it should sound… not aiming for the dance floor in an easy way as so many nowadays… brutal as industrial /noise should be… big tip!

listen to the EP here…

12″ EP, 4 tracks
Price: 13 euro (last 3 copies)

Joanne Forman – Cave Vault Of The Moon (Seance Centre)

Available for the first time… recorded in 1987 but never released before… hoovering between ambient and modern classical music… very soothing and mellow… perfect music for day dreams…

listen to a track here… and another one here…

LP, 12 tracks, records are still sealed
Price: 17,50 euro (only 2 copies left)

Fabio Orsi – Sterminato Piano (Backwards)

Simply amazing ambient music… especially the A side is wonderful… the perfect soundtrack for walking at night through a rainy city… this on your headphones and you will get lost in this music and in that city…

listen to a track here…

LP, 2 tracks, edition of 175 copies on clear orange vinyl
Price: 17 euro (only 1 copy left)

Ihan – III (Synesthetic Alchemy)

Here is a new one on one of my favourite labels… You can buy this without doubting about it if you liked the the previous releases on Synesthetic Alchemy… This one is possibly my favourite in the series until now… Weird, abstract, haunting soundscapes… eerie… wonderful and beautiful…

listen to a track here…

LP, 14 tracks, insert
Price: 16 euro

Baldruin – Vergessene Träume (Ikissus)

Here is a new Baldruin album… and his best to date… sounds going from ambient and psychedelic to influenced by folklore and modern classical… but it is always playful… maybe less “academic” as the previous vinyl albums… big tip!

listen to previews here…

LP, 13 tracks, edition of 250 copies
Price: 16 euro

Zozobra – Zozobra (Magia Roja)

Ultra cool industrial release from Barcelona. This one is for old school (post) industrial fans… think for example early Novy Svet (1997-1998) also due to the Spanish lyrics and way of vocal delivery… Highly recommended!

listen to a full track here…

LP, 7 tracks, edition of 333 numbered copies
Price: 16 euro (only 1 copy left)

James Plotkin – The Joy Of Disease: Demos And Remixes (B.E.F. Records)

This is a sort of outtakes release as companion to the  1995 “The Joy Of Disease” album by James Plotkin… A vinyl PLUS cd package featuring 13 tracks in total of moody and bleak soundscapes and noisy structures… the vinyl features 7 demos with a rehearsal mood and feel but in a positive way… non-produced and true as they were meant to be… the cd features remixes by James Plotkin himself and Scorn… very interesting package of music!

listen to a full track here…

LP + CD, 13 tracks, edition of 300 copies
Price: 16 euro (only 3 copies left)


Neutral – Neutral LP (Omlott)

This is the second Neutral album… but I like it so much I do not care it was released in 2016… it is still amazing… this is perfect post-punk/post-industrial/noise… for fans of Sonic Youth and Control Unit for example… trust me… if you are into adventurous music you need this!

listen to a full track here…

LP, 12 tracks, gatefold sleeve
Price: 18 euro

Troum – AIWS (Backwards)

Here is for the first time on vinyl the Troum album AIWS… for those familiar with Troum no introduction is needed… but expect super nice ambient works… drone like… subtle… moody… dreamy… a true trip for a perfect daydream…

listen to a full track here….

LP, 9 tracks, edition of 300 copies on black vinyl, the records are still sealed
Price: 15 euro (only 2 copies left)

Celephaïs – Grey Dawn, Quaint Gardens (Ordo Viatorum)

This is the debut of a new project featuring Ian Martin and Martin Onont Kombar… expect the ambient side of things as Ian Martin is doing too… sometimes dark sometimes more dreamy…

listen to a full track here…

LP, 6 tracks, insert, edition of 300 copies
Price: 15 euro (only 2 copies left)

Dedekind Cut – The Expanding Domain (Hallow Ground)

Absolute a must have for fans of more abstract dark music… this album is a mix of ambient and industrial… harsh noisy moments fade in and out into tranquil meditative passages… at times it makes me think of Ben Frost… this one if for people with an open mind and a good (trained) ear…

listen to a full track here…

LP, 5 tracks, still sealed
Price: 15 euro (only 2 copies left)

Baldruin – Biotische Verwitterung (Black Horizons)

The second vinyl album by Baldruin (see below for the last copy I have of the first vinyl)… this album sounds a bit more abstract and electronic as the first one… but without losing that surreal and magical touch… this could be a soundtrack for some weird sci-fi movie or something… absolute a trip to take!

listen to a full track here…

LP, 15 tracks, edition of 200 copies
Price: 16 euro (only 3 copies left)

2:13 PM – Matkormano (Specific Recordings)

This is a soundtrack to a documentary about a village Mage… it is simply beautiful and haunting… dark and dreamy… and lots more… this one is frequently spinning here at ET HQ… highly recommended!

listen to a full track (the B side) here…

LP, 2 tracks, still sealed, included download code for the film
Price: 15 euro (only 1 copy left)

Klaus Legal -мечты шизофреника (213 Records)

From one of my favourite labels comes this new release… to date this is by far the most noisiest of the releases… a head trip for sure for fans of noisy experimental soundscapes…

LP, 2 tracks, insert, edition of 213 copies
Price: 17 euro (only 1 copy left)

Te/DIS – Interrogation Gloom (Galakthorrö)

Second album by Te/DIS… dark and minimal electronics… in a way comparable with Echo West… for fans of that sound and the Galakthorrö label not to be missed…

listen to a full track here…

LP, 11 tracks, insert, printed inner sleeve, edition of 524 numbered copies
Price: 20 euro

Hermann Kopp – Cantos Y Llantos (Galakthorrö)

Here is a new four track EP by the master of eerie songs and weird soundtracks… if you liked his earlier releases on Galakthorrö you will also love this…

listen to a full track here…

7″, 4 tracks, edition of 550 numbered copies
Price: 10 euro

Black Swords – The Future Of The Sun (Noiztank)

Debut EP by this industrial/post-techno duo… two long and trance indulging post-industrial / post-techno tracks which will appeal to fans dark ambient as well… excellent sounds again from the Noiztank imprint…

listen to a full track (the B side) here…

12″, 2 tracks
Price: 10 euro (only 1 copy left)

Gouffre – Incubus/Succubus (213 Records)

Imagine Velvet Underground with John Cale on cello instead of on violin playing totally on dope and you might get an idea where Gouffre is coming from… whatever way you like to describe the music on this record the result is absolute amazing stuff… ritualistic and occult sounding but never dull or cliché… this could also fit for music while watching “Carnivale”… big tip!!

listen to a full track (the A side) here…

LP, 2 tracks, insert, edition of 213 copies
Price: 17 euro (only 1 copy left)

Dromomane – Abaton (Ideoblast)

Here is a new record by the ever great Benjamin Bex… I hope you remember (and have!) the Rosegger LP as Bex and the Dukhka album (for this one see below, I have 2 copies left of this one)… Dromomane is more like Duhkha as the Rosegger LP… but more song based… experimental songs but songs and part of/in between drone like structures… all pieces are built around acoustic guitar and electronics/field recordings… the record feels light and dreamy… really something not to be missed!

listen to a full track here…

LP, 9 tracks, hand numbered edition of 313 copies
Price: 15 euro (only 1 copy left)

Neugeborene Nachtmusik / Onont Kombar – Split (Ordo Viatorum)

Neugeborene Nachtmusik teaming up with Onont Kombar for a split release on their own Ordo Viatorum label… Both artists signed up for one side of the record… Neugeborene Nachtmusik doing what he does well… post-industrial soundscapes which are also sort of songs… dark moods… weird sounds… ritual and/or trippy… Onont Kombar on the other side of the disc delivers quite noisy minimal electronics which will appeal to fans of (post)industrial sounds for sure… tip!

listen to an Onont Kombar track/view video here…
listen to a Neugeborene Nachtmusik track here…

lp, 7 tracks, edition of 300 copies
Price: 15 euro (only 2 copies left)

Ontal – Pieta (Noiztank)

Dark, haunting, industrial and apocalyptic techno from this duo… even ritual sounding at some points… pounding and harsh… both suitable the dancefloor as for a head trip…

listen to a track here…

12, 4 tracks, records are still sealed
Price: 15 euro

Namenlosigkeit – 1 (Namenlosigkeit)

Debut 12″ by this Dutch dark ambient project… a side project of a hardcore/gabber project… totally DIY… totally obscure… and totally awesome… especially the B side is amazing… eerie electronic soundscapes… two long dark trips for people who are not afraid of the dark… big tip!

listen to a full track here…

12″, 2 tracks
Price: 10 euro (only 1 copy left)

Paul Kelday – Spheres LP (Börft)

Ever since I first heard Paul Kelday I was intruiged by his weird electronic soundscapes… so it was a great surpise to see a new vinyl being released… Spheres was originally released as a tape back in 1975… this is nothing else as a spacey dark trip into nowhere… a modular  synth tapestry but rather noisy and thus probably more suiting the taste of (post-) industrial minded people as synth (pop) fans…

listen to an excerpt here…

LP, 2 tracks, limited to 500 copies
Price: 15 euro (only 2 left)

Psykopharmaka – Attract & Repell LP (Etch Wear)

This Norwegian duo is active since 1994 but this is their debut album… in the tradition of their debut cassette single (re-released in a different from on cd-r in 2014) you will be plunged into psychedelic soundscapes… dark and ritual… the sound and texture is organic and sets the music apart from the masses of dark ambient out there… highly recommended!

listen to a preview here + another one here…

lp, 4 tracks, edition of 250 numbered copies, records are still sealed
Price: 15 euro

Ocean Floor – Jupiter LP (self released)

Wonderful album filled with spacey soundscapes built around the sounds of the harmonium blended with electronics… the music has clear references to early Tangerine Dream but is still amazing!

listen to a full track preview here…

lp, 10 tracks, edition of 150 copies, the records are sealed
Price: 15 euro

Father Murphy – Lamentations 10″ (Backwards)

Imagine Coil and Bex jaming away… this 10″ EP by Father Murphy is quite like that… adventurous sounds and structures make up for a haunting but also beautiful record from this Italian band…

listen to a full track preview here…

10″, 2 tracks, edition of 400 copies, the records are sealed
Price: 10 euro

Sewer Election And Leda – Maar LP (B.A.A.D.M.)

Experimental and post-industrial sounds… two long pieces (one per side)… proving that this type of music still has potential for adventurous music output… ranging from noise to dreamy this record is a hell of a trip… and is as good as it gets when it comes to (post-)industrial music…

listen to an excerpt here…

lp, 2 tracks, edition of 300 copies
Price: 15 euro (only 2 copies left)

Europ Europ / Dross The Drone – Eurodross (Etch Wear / Norway Rat Records)

Europ Europ as you know them… weird post-industrial noises and trippy drones… but this time they team up with fellow Norwegian band Dross The Drone… who create ambient and psychedelic soundscapes… both with electronic textures and acoustic elements… Europ Europ and Dross The Drone both deliver one original track and a remix of each other… really superb music for post-industrial heads out there…

listen + listen

12″, 4 tracks, edition of 100 numbered copies
Price: 10 euro

Baldruin – Portal (Wounded Knife)

After many many tape releases is here the first vinyl ever release by Baldruin… which is of course one part of Diamantener Oberhof (see the Vrystaete LP)… Baldruin is less DaDa and less folklore inspired and more ambient and soundscape orientated… the music moves from noisy bits and pieces to melodic tranquil stuff… at times experimental and abstract but always pleasant to listen to…  like paintings or poems floating around you… dreams and nightmares put to music… highly recommended!!

listen to a full track here…

lp, 15 tracks, transparent vinyl, insert/downloadcard, limited to 250 copies
Price: 15 euro (only 1 copy left)

Iron Fist Of The Sun – We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps (Cold Spring)

Latest album by this contemporary industrial act… power electronics orientated but not simply noise… and mostly not even noisy in the strict sense… but rather abstract and spooky electronic soundscapes… interesting sounds and structures for open minded listeners… recommended!

listen to a full track here…

lp, 6 tracks, black vinyl edition, records are sealed
Price: 15 euro

Rinji Fukuoka / Michel Henritzi / Luca Massolin – Weather Report (Backwards)

Most of the time I am not a big fan of improvisational music as it lacks narrative in my opinion… but here is one of those exceptions… “Weather Report” is a beautiful album with two long pieces of music which pull you inside the moment from the first notes… it reminds me a bit of Good Cop / Naughty Cop and this might even appeal to people who liked the last Dirty Beaches album… not to be missed!

listen here…

lp, 2 tracks, records are sealed
Price: 15 euro (only 1 copy left)

Psykopharmaka – Epoche xx (Etch Wear)

“Epoche” by Psykopharmaka was the second release on Norwegian label Etch Wear (run by one of the Europ Europ members)… that was 1994… to celebrate this 20 plus years in time there is this ultra limited but absolute great 3″ cd-r release with one amazing over 20 minutes version of the track and a remastered version of the original track…  musically this is weird jam/drone kind of trippy stuff… more trance indulging as ritual… simply excellent stuff!

3″ cd-r, limited edition of 50 copies
Price: 2 euro

Control Unit – Bloody Language (Backwards)

Superb follow up to the album on Backwards… this time two quite loud and noisy tracks on the A side… the B side is a hypnotic and moody piece… reminiscent of early Sonic Youth… with touches of Throbbing Gristle and early Cabaret Voltaire…  simply excellent and not to be missed!

listen here…

7″, 3 tracks, limited to 300 copies on black vinyl and 100 on colored vinyl, records are still sealed
Price: 5 euro (only 4 copies left)

Coil / Nine Inch Nails – Recoiled (Cold Spring)

Coil remakes of Nine Inch Nails tracks… the best of both worlds… with some tracks more like NIN as you know them and some more typical Coil… This record includes the version of “Closer” which was used in the film “7even”…

listen here to a track…

lp, 5 tracks, black vinyl edition, printed innersleeve, still sealed
Price: 15 euro

Trepaneringsritualen – Papist Pretender (La Escensia)

New 7″ from Swedish industrial / noise outfit Trepaneringsritualen… a more as excellent 7″ with two intense tracks with lots of noise but also a sweaty and doomy atmosphere interwoven… to create that ritual feeling…. this industrial music as it should sound! Highly recommended.

Both track can be streamed here…

7″, 2 tracks, limited edition of 350 copies with fold out poster sleeve
Price: 10 euro (only 3 copies left)

Novy Svet / Spettro Family – En Soldedad Perfecta / Hotel des Salto split 7″ (Black Horizons)

Two amazing tracks by two amazing projects… Novy Svet being around for a long time and working on a comeback it seems  (see below for a new compilation LP) and Spettro Family are more recent project with great releases out already… both have produced a ghostly sort of track… both in their own specific style… Novy Svet always being flamboyant one way or another and Spettro Family almost Morricone like…

listen to a preview of the Spettro Family track here…

7″, 2 tracks, limited to 400 copies
Price: 10 euro (only 4 copies left)

Novy Svet – Doce (Kill Shaman)

A superb compilation LP with 12 tracks spanning 12 years of Novy Svet… both a great welcome to new Novy Svet listeners as to old fans… most tracks were only available on cd before and this releases also includes some rarities… Another proof this is one of the few true relevant artists of the last two decades… a band which brought (post) industrial mus to another level…

listen to a track here…

listen to another track here…

lp, 12 tracks, record are still sealed
Price: 15 euro (only 4 copies left)

Monocorpse – Demo 2013 (Fort Grofusch)

Dark minimal electronics / techno project from Holland with an occult touch… the very promising first recordings are collected on this cd-r… recommended to check out!

listen to excerpts here…

cd-r, 19 tracks
Price: 2 euro (only 2 copies left)

Epilektrician – Epilektrizität! (Etch Wear)

New release on one of my personal favorite labels… a new album by Epilektrician one of the best projects on Etch Wear… IDM and industrial techno walk hand in hand here… I loved the previous one but this is the perfect companion to that…

listen to a full track here…

lp, 8 tracks, poster sleeve, limited to 100 copies
Price: 10 euro (only 2 copies left)

Territoires – Pyramides EP (self-released / Verbascripta)

Territoires is the project by Bran and RM… Bran you know from his 7 inch on Enfant Terrible and the deluxe cd’s he self-released. RM is next to Bran involved in Verbascripta… the label which co-released the two La Mort De L’Hippocampe LP’s together with Enfant Terrible.

On this first EP is all about a trip through Paris… from the suburbs to the Pyramides… this is a minimal sound collage based on field recordings and synth sounds. Truly excellent and original stuff!

The release comes in two editions: one of a limited 10″ pyramid object and a regular cd release. Both the object as the cd cover are handmade / printed.

listen + listen

Object release: cd, 10″ pyramide object, 3 inserts, limited to 25 copies (the last 2 copies ever are for sale here). Price: 5 euro
Cd release:  cd, 3 inserts. Price: 2 euro

Factrix / Control Unit – Elegy For Rusted Souls (Backwards)

Legendary post-punk band Factrix team up with contemporary post-industrial outfit Control Unit… the result is a nice rather tranquil ambient sort of album… lots of ambiance in between the noises and an adventurous listening trip…

LP + 7″, 12 tracks, limited edition of 500 copies, still sealed
Price: 10 euro (only 3 copies left)

Escama Serrada – Santa Lucia (TuT/RuR Tonträger)

Second release by this post-industrial band… this record is less noisy and rather dark ambient orientated. Still with this post- black metal touch from time to time… and all in all a much more coherent and interesting release.


10″, 6 tracks, limited to 195 hand numbered copies
Price: 10 euro (only 3 copies left)

Clara Engel – Tender (Backwards)

What to make of this great record? It is great… it is haunting, it is ritual at times, it is dark poetic… like Nico but more pop (?), like Hagalaz Runedance but not pagan (?), like Islaja even at times but darker (?)… maybe it says enough the record is hard to define… simply another super nice release by Backwards.

lp, 4 tracks, 2 inserts, limited to 300 copies
Price: 10 euro (only 2 copies left)

Wakinyan – Copal Flow (Backwards)

Wakinyan is a new project which involves the musician from Terroritmo. This debut LP is something I have been looking out for… and it was worth waiting for… this is ritual music as it should sound. Deep, esoteric, spiritual… taking you beyond… shaman stuff for sure!  A superb trip within and away from here…

listen to a full track here

lp, 9 tracks, gatefold cover, limited to 350 copies
Price: 10 euro (only 2 copies left)

Ilya Monosov –  Collected Works Of Ilya Monosov (You Don’t Have To Call It Music)

As thr title suggest this is a collection of pieces by contemporary composer Ilya Monosov. He has been releasing music from 1999 onwards on mostly tapes and vinyls. This is both a perfect introduction as excellent overview of his work… sounds ranging from experimental electro-acoustic pieces to psychedelic minimal music.

lp, 8 tracks, insert, limited to 250 hand numbered copies
Price: 10 euro (only 3 copies left)

Fabrio Orsi – Von Zeit Zu Zeit (Backwards)

Experimental / drone / ambient music from this contemporary musician. Beautifully crafted pieces that ask for attention when listening to. Includes 6 photos by the artist that fit the music so well…


lp, 2 tracks, 6 inserts, limited edition of 200 copies
Price: 10 euro (only 2 copies left)

Thorofon – Maximum Punishment Solutions / Littleton (Klanggalerie)

Here is a re-issue on cd of two sold out Thorofon vinyls, one compilation track and one unreleased track. Brutal noises like you might know fromThorofon before they turned more angstpop like in their sound. Old style industrial noises and structures for your pleasure!

cd, 16 tracks, limited to 500 copies
Price: 2 euro (only 3 copies left)

Duizend – Duizend (Samling)

New release on Dutch label Samling. Very nice soundscapes… from classic ambient to minimal music and semi field recordings… super!

listen + listen

cd-r, 7 tracks, 30 copies only
Price: 2 euro (only 3 copies left)

Various Artists – Icy Breath On Burning Flesh... (Douche Froide)

For a long time the Douche Froide magazine has been writing about music that is forgotten or neglected by most magazines. Now it is time for a compilation cd (even though they already had some compilation cd’s with the magazines)  with some excellent sounds not heard elsewhere mostly. You get 14 tracks that go from post-industrial muzak to minimal electronics and from weird pop back to ambient drones. Some featured artists are: Dark And Dusk Entwined, Beyond Sensory Experience, Hermann Kopp, Nihiltronix, Nature Morte and Ilitch. A great collection of music it is!!

listen to Quattrophage
listen to Les Hauts De Plafond
listen to Ilitch

cd, 14 tracks, hand printed package in hand printed slipcase, limited edition of 500 hand numbered copies
Price: 5 euro (only 1 copy left)

His Divine Grace / De Grace – Révélation  (Reue um Reue / Just Another Winter)

The last release by His Divine Grace and at the same time the first by the new incarnation of this musician. After years of playing (dark) ambient Moonchild Erik moves on into (even) more darker territory. De Grace is his post black metal project which performs a pitch black type of drone/down tempo/black ambient music derived from black metal characteristics. This is best displayed in the title track. This amazing track (and the project itself) will appeal for sure to fans of Burzum. No cliché gothic semi dark ambient here but the real thing. Looking forward to hear more from De Grace.

lp, 4 tracks, limited edition of 315 hand numbered copies
Price: 10 euro  (only  3 copies left)

Monoton – Realtime (Klanggalerie)

A new release with old material from Monoton (remember the other cd’s we sold from Monoton?). This time not on Oral but on Klanggalerie. Also less ambient / soundscape orientated… or at least less tranquil and more experimental and noisy at times. Very interesting live material  from 1979 to 1987 with its origin in installations and performances by the musician Konrad Becker. Simply superb!!

listen + listen

cd, 15 tracks, limited to 500 copies
Price: 2 euro (only 2 copies left)

Special deal –> order for a minimum of 25 euro of other records and get this one for FREE…

Hunting Lodge – Will (Dark Vinyl)

This is the limited repress of this classic industrial album from 1983. Hunting Lodge is known for their cult hit ‘Tribal Warning Shot’ and as being part of the first industrial scene together with SPK, Lustmord and Laibach. “Will” is a real industrial album with lots of repetitive rhythms, blasting noises, metal sounds, invocative voices and deadly screams. Next to the complete classic album this cd fetaures two tracks from a tape release from 1982 and two demos from 1990 from the last recording session the band did. Simply a must have!

listen + listen + listen + listen

cd, 13 tracks, limited to 300 copies
Price: 2 euro (only 1 copy left)
Special deal –> order for a minimum of 25 euro of other records and get this one for FREE…

NoNotes – Mode (Motok)

From the obscure Dutch 80’s artist ORDUC comes this new release with contemporary minimal music. This is an independent release the artist did all on his self. Nonotes is an ambient drone project with (post) industrial influences and a minimalistic character. For over 40 minutes the music takes you away on a strange psychedelic trip only to leave you wondering afterwards. These effective drones are done with synthesizers, guitar and effects and were recorded in one take.)

listen + listen + listen

cd, 8 tracks, limited to 500 copies
Price: 2 euro (cardboard sleeve) (only 1 copy left)
Special deal –> order for a minimum of 25 euro of other records and get this one for FREE…