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Västklänken – Moebel / Autobaba 7″ (Höga Nord  Rekords)

Trippy 7″ with two krautrock inspired psych tracks… on the one hand clearly inspired by the German school of the past and on the other hand also quite modern with influences of techno, dub and ambient… very much recommended!

listen to a full track here…

7″, 2 tracks, edition of 300 copies
Price: 9 euro (only 2 copies left)

The Legendary Pink Dots – The Seismic Bleats Of Quantum Sheeps (Abstrakce)

The Pink Dots release a few records every year… some people collect them… some don’t… I stopped collecting them a long time ago… but I am still a fan… and I check out new release from time to time… here is one recommended to both old and new fans of this cult semi-Dutch psychedelic band… This is an album which is rather soundscape orientated… with some moments which are like songs… the sleeves says 6 tracks… but I experience them more as two (one?) long trips… recommended!

Here is an excerpt and here in another excerpt…

lp, 6 tracks, edition of 300 copies, records are sealed
Price: 15 euro (only 2 copies left)

Bronze – In Stone (Burka For Everybody)

Third album by US west coast psychedelic outfit Bronze… and again they deliver a solid album… a bit more weird as before but still very much Bronze with their specific mix of 60’s inspired psychedelic music and early 80’s post-punk…

listen to a track here…

lp, 8 tracks, records are sealed
Price: 10 euro

Japanese Gum – High Dreams (Etch Wear)

From one of my favorite labels comes this vinyl debut by Italian band Japanse Gum… expect some psychedelic shoegaze stuff with some druggy weirdness to it… perfect for an afternoon trip…

listen to a track here…

lp, 9 tracks, comes in poster sleeve, limited to 250 copies
Price: 10 euro (only 4 copies left)

Bronze – World Arena (Not Not Fun)

Here is the second album by neo psychedelic outfit Bronze. Post punk driven trance indulging songs as Bronze has been known for since some years… still the songs are crafted better as before and the album is a very cohorent piece truly made to make you trip… excellent!

listen to a full track here…

lp, 8 tracks, insert, limited edition of 333 copies
Price: 10 euro

Group Rhoda – 12th Hour (Not Not Fun)

Second album by Group Rhoda… and like the first one this is an amazing piece (but sounding a bit more mature) what you might call exotic wave… new wave and post-punk influenced psychedelic pop songs done with electronic means… fragile and dreamy and soothing… simply wonderful!

listen here…

lp, 8 tracks, lp’s are sealed
Price: 10 euro (only 2 copies left)

Jonas Palm – Decompositions (Börft)

80’s psych / krautrock from Jonas Palm. Only one more LP was released by this artist back in 1980. Excellent stuff as always on Börft. Most have for acid heads, astral travellers and music collectors alike!

listen + listen

lp, 5 tracks, limited to 300 copies
Price: 10 euro (only 3 copies left)

Future Shuttle – Etude Study (Samling Recordings)

Samling keeps putting out little gems for the truly adventurous listeners… here is tape from the USA based Future Shuttle. Psychedelic and spacey ambient tracks… flirting with electro-acoustic and improvisational music. Just perfect for dusks and dawns…

cassette, 6 tracks, limited to 100 copies
Price: 2 euro (only 1 copy left)

Psychic Reality – Vibrant New Age (Not Not Fun)

Trippy sound sounds… lush and soothing… perfect dreamscapes… like a super hip version of Gold Panda maybe…

lp, 7 tracks, still sealed
Price: 10 euro (only 2 copies left)

Viking Jews / Smycken – split LP (Release The Bats)

Amazing split release by these two psychedelic bands. Both have a lo-fi sound with some indie touches… think about Indian Jewelry but less song based. Viking Jews deliver one long piece and Smycken serve us four tracks. A must experience trip!

listen to Vikings Jews
listen to Smycken

lp, 5 tracks, limited edition of 275 copies
Price: 10 euro (only 2 copies left)

Eklin – Lydl Tellet (Lowin)

The exicting debut EP by Dutch indie/shoegaze/psychedelic/lo-fi band Eklin. This 4 track EP cd is released on the band’s own label Lowin. Musically you get some experimental ambient like tracks and two more indie/lo-fi/psychedelic pop tracks. Really a band to keep an eye on! Also check their debut album (see above).

listen + listen

cd, 4 tracks
Price: 2 euro (only 2 copies left)
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Bronze – The Rouge Became / Wits picturedisc 7″ (World Famous in SF)

A perfect blending of minimal electronics and psychedelics… touches of 80’s music and 70’s and 60’s stuff… all in the mix and resulting in the unique sound of the band. Two excellent tracks for dancing, tripping and day dreaming…


7″, 2 tracks, picture disc, limited edition of 500 copies
Price: 5 euro

Woud – Woud EP (Samling)

Solo project by bassplayer of Eklin. Woud is another great Dutch upcoming project. Haunting (dark) ambient that could have come from Scandinavia. This sounds like the ambient side of Burzum, when he is happy… or the most dark stuff released on Fonal. Superb and adventurous ambient that has nothing to do with all the clichés mostly heard in this genre. Big tip!!

listen + listen

cd-r, 3 tracks, A3 poster
price: 2 euro (only 1 copy left)