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Konstantin Unwohl – Mein Verstand / Selena (Kernkrach)

Debut vinyl by this neue Neue Welle vs minimal elektro act… the sound is recognisable Kernkrach and minimal elektro but also as quite contemporary feeling to it… especially the B-side is excellent and should work well on the synth minded dance floor…

listen to a track here…

7″, 2 tracks, edition of 300 copies, hand numbered
Price: 8,50 euro

Taciturne -6 Fragmente In Der Chronologie des Wahnsinns (Synderesis Records)

Re-issue of highly wanted collector piece… 300 copies on black vinyl and 200 copies on red vinyl…

Listen to a track here…

I have left here: 1 copy on red vinyl… ask me for the price

12″, 6 tracks
Price: ask me

Herz Jühning – Samsara (Galakthorroe)

A new Herz Jühning full length album… and what a feast it is! Of course you know the sounds, the mood, and everything… but it is still awesome… a great dark trip of post-industrial “pop” songs… just get it!

listen to a track here…

LP, 12 tracks, edition of 680 copies, records are still sealed
Price: 25 euro

Schwefelgelb – Aus Den Falten (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe)

Ever since Schwefelgelb presented their new more techno and EBM based sound on Gooiland Elektro the duo has been building a new for themselves… here is a new EP… and it is not as good as their first on A+W but features one hell of a track making it all worthwhile to spend a few euros on this 12″…

listen to a track here…

12″, 4 tracks
Price: 12,50 euro

Tanz Ohne Muzik – Night (Galakthorroe)

After the great vinyl debut album there is finally now a follow up of Tanz Ohne Muzik on vinyl… this new 7″ features 4 tracks of cold electronics… call it dark synth pop, minimal elektro or death disco… it is just rather good… and yes you hear the influences of November Növelet but who cares as the songs are really strong…

listen to a track here…

7″, 4 tracks, edition of 515 numbered copies
Price: 17,50 euro

No More – Out Of The Window / The Great Masturbator (Echoplay)

No More is know for their cult hit of course… and they seem a “one hit wonder”… but this does not mean they have no other output not worthwhile. Here is a new 7” which features one live recorded track from 1984 and a new studio track from 2017. These tracks have no hit potential as “Suicide Commando” but lovers of minimal synth stuff will like this…

listen to a track here…

7″, 2 tracks, edition of 200 copies
Price: 8 euro

Some Candy Talking – Words Mean Wonder / You Will Let Me Down (Echoplay)

Some Candy Talking is Haiko Herden from NLW fame (for those who know) featuring Lidia The Rose (Nine Circles) on vocals. Despite the band name the music has nothing to do with The Jesus And Mary Chain. This new project is all about synth pop and minimal elektro… Echoplay is a little bit more new wave inspired in it out put as NLW was/is… so less NDW and more melancholy… and Some Candy Talking is all about that…

listen to a  fragment here…

7″, 2 tracks, edition of 200 copies
Price: 8 euro

Human Performance Lab – Armed Vision 12″ EP (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe)

Killer 12″ EP by Human Performance Lab (featuring Sarin/one half of Konkurs)… fusing modern and classic EBM sounds with all kinds of other elements and influences from dance floor minded music like elektro and techno… resulting in great pumping tracks with a lot of energy… recommended!

listen to a track here…

12″, 6 tracks, edition of 500 copies
Price: 12,50 euro

Konkurs – Object Of Subversion (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe)

Second release by Konkurs… which is a project by Sarin and Blush Response… and indeed you can hear the EBM influences from Sarin and dark techno sounds of Blush Response… but still dominant is a rather classic EBM sort of sound… so equally recommended to lovers of old school and contemporary EBM…

listen to a track here…

12″, 4 tracks, edition of 500 copies
Price: 12,50 euro

Garçon Taupe – Kiklop EP (Narrominded)

New EP by Garçon Taupe… going back more to his split LP with Legowelt as his EP on Gooiland… so it is less acid orientated and more playful… but still good fun with some nice tunes in there for at home and on the dance floor!

listen to previews here…

12″ EP, 5 tracks
Price: 10 euro

V-Sor,X – Authors2 (Peripheral Minimal)

Re-issue from this cult classic and collector piece from 1982. Some people might now the release of a cd from this band back from 2002 on Genetic… all of their material is super nice minimal synth/post-punk/new wave kind of stuff… and here is a change to get it cheaply…

listen to a track here…

7″, 2 tracks, edition of 300 copies
Price: 10 euro (only 3 copies left)

Wind Atlas – An Edible Body LP (B.E.F. Records)

Amazing contemporary new wave record… you will hear nothing new and you will hear elements of Clan Of Xymox, Bel Canto and maybe even a bit of Dead Can Dance… but the songs are, and for the matter the complete album is, done very well… this is a record you will put on repeat for sure!

listen to a track here…

LP, 10 tracks, the records are sealed
Price: 16 euro

Staatseinde – Crazy Earthlings Colas Tape #1 (Ende Der Zukunft Records)

Super nice new Staatseinde release featuring collaboration works with various other artists… among these are tracks done together with Sololust, Lovataraxx, Arpatle and Dutch poet Wout Waanders… especially the three tracks with this poet are great… synth/elektro pop fans should check this one out!

listen to a track here…

cassette tape, 11 tracks, edition of 111 copies
Price: 8 euro

B – Black Atlas  (Circuits/Safari Records)

Vinyl debut by Belgian artist B… he delivers dark beats… a modern blend of techno and EBM style rhythms combined with a dark mood… some tracks are real dance floor fillers while others are a bit more abstract… but all will catch your attention for sure… highly recommended!

listen to a teaser here…

10″, 4 tracks, the records are still sealed
Price: 16 euro (only 2 copies left)

Din – Real Dirt  (DKA)

With this new DKA release you are in for a real treat… top notch synth pop by Din (High Functioning Flesh related  project)… but this is totally off the beaten path… synth pop which defies the genre definitions… the sound is abstract and edgy… but still catchy… modern synth pop for lovers of the style who are tired of hearing the same thing over and over again…

listen to a track here…

LP, 9 tracks, edition of 350 copies
Price: 18 euro

Birds Of Paradise – Smoking Holiday EP 12″ (Höga Nord Records)

You need to check this 12″… rather modern dance music… with touches of techno and house but with a really good new beat feeling at times… and opening track “Tito” is an absolute hammer without being cheesy or easy or anything…

listen to a track here…

12″ EP, 4 tracks, edition of 300 copies
Price: 12,50 euro (only 2 copies left)

Villa Abo – Straight Forward Acid & Low Bit Swing (Börft)

Börft returns with a release for which I love them… edgy and freaky electronic music for true heads! The title of this record says it all… except that straight forward means super nasty and freaky minimalism when it comes to the acid tracks… the other two tracks are weird noisy Commodore 64 pieces… be warned… true madness here… and I love it!

listen to a track here…

12″ EP, 4 tracks
Price: 12,50 euro (only 2 copies left)

Obergman – Universal Hologram (Börft)

It has been awhile since some new Börft were added to the webshop… but next to the Villa Abo (see above) here we have an mini LP by Obergman… a very elektro minded piece… also some acid stuff in there… and edgy as you might expect from Börft… nice one!

listen to a track here…

mini LP, 6 tracks
Price: 14 euro (only 1 copy left)

RX-101 – EP4  (Suction Records)

Here is the fourth EP by obscure Dutch 1990’s artist RX-101… this EP is filled with IDM, elektro and synth sounds… of course it sounds 90’s but the tunes are great and if you are into the stuff Suction Records has been releasing since ever you will love this one too!

listen to a track here…

LP, 6 tracks
Price: 16,50 euro

Various Artists – Snow Robots 4  (Suction Records )

This is the fourth compilation in the Snow Robots series on Suction Records but the first one on vinyl… featuring contemporary electro, EBM and more sounds by artists like Beau Wantzer, Morah (Phormix), Civil Defence Programma (Television Set/Skanfrom) and Celldöd but also some classics like a track by Ceramic Hello and a remix of a Digital Poodle tune… for lovers of synths & beats!

listen to a track here…

LP, 7 tracks, edition of 300 copies
Price: 16,50 euro (only 1 copy left)

Zanias – To The Core Remixes  (Noiztank)

Remixes of tracks from Zanias latest EP… this one is for (dark) techno fans… the highlights are for sure the Unhuman remix and the Kobosil remix…

listen to a track here…

12″ EP, 4 tracks
Price: 13,50 euro (only 2 copies left)

Sally Dige – Holding on  (DKA)

This is the second full length album by Sally Dige… featuring elegant, sexy and sophisticated synth and elektro pop… very 80’s sounding at moments and for sure the one will be appealing to fans of all things synth wave…

listen to a track here…

LP, 8 tracks, edition of 300 copies
Price: 18 euro (only 2 copies left)

Deutsche Bank – Autopop  (Kernkrach)

Typical Kernkrach release with minimal synth tunes… rather Kraftwerk like this one… so if you cannot get enough of “robot pop” check this out!

listen to a track here…

LP, 8 tracks, insert, hand numbered edition of 300 copies
Price: 17 euro

Delos – Microcosmos  (Kernkrach)

Maybe you remember the debut 7″ by Delos from some years ago? Now at last there is a full length debut album… and you get served synth music pur sang… spacious minimal synth tunes… some to dance to but many to trip away on… tip!

check out the album here…

LP, 13 tracks, insert, hand numbered edition of 350 copies
Price: 17 euro (only 3 copies left)

Sarin – Psychic Stress (B.F.E Records)

Originally released as tape in 2015 and now on vinyl… Sarin is not unknown anymore mostly due to his releases on Aufnahme + Wiedergabe… those releases are more techno orientated while this earlier album is much more EBM minded… it is quite modern sounding but evidently pays tribute to classic EBM as done by Frontline Assembly for example…

listen to a track here…

LP, 8 tracks, still sealed, edition of 400 copies
Price: 15 euro

Ramplingg – Cold Device  (Etch Wear/Tiny Speaker)

Ramplingg is the solo project by Sara from Diverting Duo… and this solo project is a lot darker as her collaboration… rather new wave and dark wave in sound and mood… dark dreamy and spooky tunes…

listen to a track here…

CD, 5 tracks, in cardboard outer + inner sleeve, edition of 100 copies
Price: 10 euro

Various Artists – Strategies Against The Body, Volume Two  (DKA)

Here is the second DKA compilation… again filled with contemporary EBM in various flavours… and it goes beyond EBM to… from old school sounds to contemporary techno influenced sounds… from melodic to rhythmic… featuring artists such as Pyramid Club, Celldöd, Ariisk and Xander Harris… and many lesser known new comers…

listen to the Celldöd track here…

LP, 10 tracks
Price: 19 euro

Multiple Man – New Metal  (DKA)

New Multiple Man album… rather old school EBM minded… think Ministry “Twitch” period and early Nitzer Ebb… super cool tracks for the dance floor…

listen to the complete album here…

LP, 8 tracks
Price: 19 euro (only 1 copy left)

Solitary Dancer – Dualism (Dark Entries)

Super nice elektro/synth release… rather dance floor minded… it reminds me at times of Sololust and also of Popsimonova… featuring Marie Davidson on one track… tip!

listen to a full track here…

12″, 4 tracks, still sealed
Price: 14 euro (only 1 copy left)

Helena Hauff – A Tape  (Dark Entries)

Helena Hauff does not need an introduction I guess… she had made a name for herself these last few years as dj and as producer… this is the vinyl version of a tape released a few years back… early tracks from acid to more synth to a bit noisy at times…

listen to a full track here…

2LP, 12 tracks, still sealed
Price: 22 euro (only 2 copies left)

Schatten Unter Eis – We Might As Well Be Dead (Randstock)

Back in 2006 WSDP released an LP with tracks from the obscure German minimal synth band Schatten Unter Eis… which is still one of my favourites from WSDP… now there is another LP with almost completely the tracks from the tape release from 1983… this one is for the freaks and lovers of minimal electronics coming from the 80’s punk/DIY scene…

listen to a full track here…

LP, 10 tracks, insert, edition of 200 copies
Price: 17 euro (only 3 copies left)

Neue Krankenscheine – Der dicke Peter (Kernkrach Schallplatten)

Here is an obscurity from the past… originally released on tape in 1984 and now available on vinyl… this one is for the fans Casio VL-tone sounds and lo-fi minimal elektro… rather punk and true DIY…

listen to a full track here…

7″, 4 tracks, special metal packaging, edition of 200 numbered copies
Price: 10 euro (only 3 copies left)

Inward Jerk – I Want Daddy Back (NLW)

Here is one of those few archive releases I think which are interesting… Inward Jerk released some tapes in the early 1990’s of recordings dating fro 1988 to 1990… minimal synth stuff… rather punk in attitude and truly lo-fi in production… and this combination is simply great… this one is for the fans of Flexipop stuff but the lo-fi and punk minded stuff as mentioned…

listen to snippets from the album here…

12″, 4 tracks, vinyls are still sealed
Price: 14 euro (only 1 copy left)

Charles Lindbergh n.e.V. – Kartoffelmesser (NLW/Schallplatten Aus Lurup)

The NLW sublabel Schallplaten Aus Lurup is since years one of my favourite labels… they only release really really obscure minimal synth stuff… mostly very lo-fi… only for the real freaks out there… this new 7″ by Charles Lindbergh n.e.V. is less lo-fi as normal with this label… but the A side is a real dance floor track for fans of Solitude FX and Staatseinde…

listen to a full track here…

12″, 4 tracks, vinyls are still sealed, hand numbered edition of 150 copies
Price: 7,50 euro (only 3 copies left)

Charles Lindbergh n.e.V. – Ueberall ist ueberall (NLW)

One of the most obscure German minimal synth bands around… originally started in 1983 and revived later on… and I guess they will keep on going forever… an album for fans of this kind of stuff…

listen to a full track here…

cd, 14 tracks, cd’s are still sealed
Price: 7,50 euro

Bergsonist/Isabella – Phoney (Börft Records)

Really raw dance tracks here by Bergsonist and Isabella… especially the Bergsonist side is amazing… and only for the track “Atenem” you should buy this one! Bergsonist is bordering industrial and techno but truly rough an unpolished with a bold 90’s beat… Isabella plays around with house and techno elements… also quite rough but a bit less dark as Bergsonist…

listen to a preview of Bergsonist – Atenem here…

12″, 4 tracks
Price: 12 euro

Ultra Arcanum – The Silence Inside (Nadanna / Anna Logue Records)

Sounding very 80’s but totally from today… this debut by Ultra Arcanum is perfect tribute to 80′ synth wave… artistically not original but done very very well… this will please the lovers of that classic synth / pop sound for sure!

listen to a full track here…

LP, 10 tracks, printed inner sleeve, insert, edition of 320 copies
Price: 16,50 euro

The Shining Path – Basic Training  Manual (Anna Logue Records)

Re-issue of obscure only release by obscure Australian band… the original album is from 1988… like a sort of Suicide mixed with Throbbing Gristle but more pop… but post-punk aesthetics rule here! Anyway… one of the best (and most experimental) records by Anna Logue… if you liked for example the Cultural Amnesia release on Anna Logue this one is also for you!

listen to a full track here…

LP, 8 tracks, printed inner sleeves, inserts, edition of 300 copies
Price: 16,50 euro (only 2 copies left)

Dernier Sex – Haram  / Neverless (Hungry Eye)

Stunning debut by this Canadian threesome… new wave and post-punk synth stuff… rather dreamy and dark… and this will also appeal to shoegaze fans I guess… big tip!

listen to Haram here… and listen to Neverless here…

7″, 2 tracks, insert, edition of 330 copies
Price: 9 euro

Lowfish / June – C.D.S.N. (Suction Records)

Lowfish and June return to Suction with what they do best… creating new wave inspired elektro (pop)… playful but with a darker twist too… excellent stuff for the dance floor as wel!

listen to a June track here…

12″, 4 tracks, edition of 300 copies on coloured vinyl
Price: 14 euro

Antlers Mulm – Touring The Moon Bog (Autarkeia)

The cd version of the latest album by Antlers Mulm… released before on tape on the label of the musician (Sea State) and the track “Give And Take” and “In Reverse” on vinyl 7″ on Enfant Terrible…  as always with Antlers Mulm super melancholy subtle electronic songs… truly beautiful and for sure to get you into a dreamlike state…

listen a full track here…

cd, 13 tracks, insert, edition of 299, the cd’s are still sealed
Price: 14 euro (only 3 copies left)


Anesthetic – Void / Lacerated (Kernkrach)

Debut release by this synth pop threesome… well… I could write a lot of words about it… but in short this is one of THE synth pop releases this year for me… so do yourself a favour and at least have a listen if you are into this kind of music… but in the end it is a must have… just as simple as that!

listen to snippets of both tracks here…

7″, 2 tracks, insert, numbered edition of 150 copies in silk screen printed sleeve
Price: 9 euro (only 2 copies left)



Kim Ki O – En az iki, en fazla sekiz (Sea State)

Re-issue of the very first self released cd-r by this Turkis duo… originally from 2007 but still relevant and simply super nice music! Big tip for fans of elektro-wave, post-punk, lo-fi electronics…

listen to a full track here…

cassette, 9 tracks, insert, download coupon
Price: 10 euro (only 2 copies left)


Kim Ki O – Digerleri Nerde?  (Sea State)

Re-issue of the second self released cd-r Kim Ki O did back in 2008. I sold the cd-r’s back then… if you maybe remember and are long enough with us… these tracks are still super nice… lo-fi new wave/post-punk influenced elektro-wave… big tip!

listen to a full track here…

cassette, 6 tracks, insert, download coupon
Price: 10 euro





Staatseinde – The Lost In Time Tapes – 10th Anniversary (Ende Der Zukunft Recordings)

Released to celebrate the 10 years of Staatseinde… so featuring tracks from all stages with all personal that has been part of the band… so also the sounds goes from more band orientated (with real drums) to 100% electronic as the band is now as a duo… Neue Holländische Welle 2.0… synth pop, NDW, electro pop and some weirdness… all in the mix!

listen to a full track here…

tape, 15 tracks, edition of 175 copies
Price: 8 euro (only 2 copies left)





Kord and Nebula – Pine Twigs Trax (Börft Rec.)

Kord returns with a new 12″ and with a new collaboration…  Nebula has his background in punk/rock… but do not be alarmed… this new EP is 100% electronic… still it “rocks” so to speak… it has a catchy vibe all over… and Kord fans will recognise the sound straight away… crazy and twisted and jumpy electro/synth tracks for the dancefloor!

listen to snippets of all four tracks here…

12″ EP, 4 tracks, edition of 300 copies
Price: 12 euro





Staltrad -Staltrad (Kerkrach Schallplatten)

After the 7″ on Kernkrach here is the debut album by Swedish Staltrad… classic minimal synth… lovers of Kernkrach and the style will dig this record for sure… it reminds me also a bit of some of the NLW releases… it has the some ultra DIY spirit…

listen to snippets of the album here…

lp, 10 tracks, edition of 300 copies, comes in a special (rusty) sleeve
Price: 17 euro (only 2 copies left)


Onmens – Witruimte (Lip Service)

Onmens is a duo from Belgium armed with electronics, electric guitar and voice… they sound a bit like the now defunct Dutch Aux Raus but more Belgian… as in less hardcore gabber influenced and more electronic/industrial/EBM/edgy/weird… a band to keep an eye out for!

listen to a track here…

lp, 10 tracks, records are still sealed
Price: 16 euro (only 2 copies left)

Messieurs Bricolage – Toolbox (Kernkrach Schallplatten)

Typical Kernkrach style minimal synth / minimal elektro (pop) on the debut of this France duo… so fans of the style know what they (should) get…

Here is a full track…

lp, 12 tracks, edition of 300 copies, insert
Price: 16 euro (only 3 left)

Bran – Music For Those Who Are Learning To Walk (Lenta)

I hope you remember the nice 7″ released on ET back in 2010 by French musician and visual artist Bran… after all that time this is the first music he put out again… and this is typical Bran music… minimal synth but with defintely his own (French) touch… rather raw and primitive sounding… but I mean this as a compliment… authentic, unpolished and not aiming at the mainstream output of minimal synth music out there…  big tip!

listen to a full track here…

tape, 7 tracks, fold out booklet/inlay, edition of 35 copies
Price: 9 euro (only 1 copy left)

Brad E. Rose – Future Lives (Börft)

“Future Lives” by Brad E. Rose (head of Digitalis) is a release in the modular synth series on Börft… this is a nasty and rather dark trip… noisy at some points… like and electric storm (from hell?)… absolute recommended stuff for the heads out there…

listen + listen

lp,  6 tracks
Price: 15 euro (only 2 copies left)

Daniel Fagerström – Beyond Interstitial Space (Börft)

Daniel Fagerström is known from Optic Nest and Skull Defekts… and this is his take on a modular synth album for the Börft series focussing on these sounds… this is quite a diverse record with some soundscape parts and also some more almost space rock parts… giving it all a bit of a 60’s/70’s psychedelic touch…

listen + listen

lp, 6 tracks
Price: 15 euro (only 3 copies left)

Tata Technikk – Blaskertel Flakke 7″ (Kernkrach Schallplatten)

Quite classic and punkish minimal synth stuff here… the A side is an uptempo dancefloor tune and the B side a bit darker… possibly for fans of Adolf Filter… cool debut!

Listen a preview here…

7″, 2 tracks, insert, limited hand numbered edition of 300 copies
Price: 8,50 euro (only 3 copies left)

D.Stop – Traitement de Choc (Desire Records)

Next the 12″ EP (see above) here is also the re-issue of the debut 7″ from D.Stop from 1982… this time on 10″ with some absolute great live bonus tracks…  synth punk at its very best and an absolute must have for any fan of cult electronic music…

listen to a full track here…

10″, 7 tracks, insert, clear vinyl, limited edition of 300 copies, records are sealed
Price: 16 euro (only 1 copy left)

Orphan Swords – Risk In A New Age (Desire Records)

Orphan Swords is a very interesting upcoming electronix/techno project… this debut EP features 4 tracks… and in my opinion 2 tracks are not that good but the other 2 are truly exciting and amazing… sounding rather industrial and moody… abstract but not as in most experimental music… highly recommended!!

listen to a full track here…

12″, 4 tracks, blue vinyl, limited to 300 copies
Price: 10 euro (only 1 copy left)

Element 104 – East Side Of Heaven / The Shape Of Things (Kernkrach Schallplatten)

Two tracks from this cult American 80’s band… for the first time on vinyl… rocking synth pop / electronic new wave…

listen to a track here…

7″, 2 tracks, insert, limited to 250 hand numbered copies
Price: 8,50 euro

23rd Underpass – Real Life (Nadanna)

First release on new sublabel from Anna Logue… more space synth and italo disco driven as the mother label… so that is what you get here… contemporary italo disco inspired synth tunes… for the freaks of this style this massive 2LP is a must have!

listen to a full track here…

2LP, 16 tracks, limited to 320 copies, records are still sealed
Price: 20 euro (only 2 copies left)

Distel – Puur (Ant-Zen)

Remember the limited vinyl release we put out of the debut album by Dutch angst-pop / post-industrial act Distel? Here is the cd re-issue… it features the album tracks and the two tracks released on the 7″ which came with the album…

listen to a track here…

cd, 12 tracks,  cardboard sleeve
Price: 12 euro

Super Girl & Romantic Boys – Stop!Klatka (Kernkrach Schallplatten)

Vinyl debut of this Polish synth pop band… very poppy and catchy synth pop with touches of glamrock and punk… a bit like Staatseinde but a little less Neue Welle influenced…

Listen to a track here…

12″, 5 tracks, numbered edition of 350 copies, 3 variations: black vinyl, white vinyl and blue vinyl
Price: 15 euro

The Exaltics – Twelve EP (Shipwrec)

For techno and acid heads The Exaltics are not a new name of course… here is a new EP with 3 more twisted acid tracks… and on top of that there is a really freaky remix added by Unit Moebius)… this one is for the freaks for sure!

listen to a track here…

12″, 4 tracks
Price: 12 euro (only 2 copies left)

Kim Ki O – Bir, iki… (Ss Records)

A new Kim Ki O album but not entirely new… this is a compilation album with tracks from the first two self-released cd-r’s by the band and it also includes the track from the Enfant Terrible compilation cd “Radio Resistencia”… the result a super nice album filled with lo-fi synth wave tracks with that dreampop touch we know from the band… highly recommended!!

listen to a track here…

lp, 10 tracks, records are still sealed
Price: 16,50 euro

Epic Dreams – Kein Paradies / Leuchturm (Kernkrach Schallplatten)

Really nice 7″ release by synth band Epic Dreams… melancholy synth wave… for fans of the Kernkrach sound but a little darker as most of the time…

listen here to a full track…

7″, 2 tracks, blue vinyl (limited to 150 copies), limited edition of total 300 numbered copies
Price: 9 euro (only 4 copies left)

Soundlego – Draussen (Kernkrach Schallplatten)

Here is an album filled by the tunes, soundscapes and playfull tracks by one of the two Kernkrach bosses… nice and weird as Kernkrach itself is…

listen (a mix of 3 fragments from the album)

lp, 11 tracks, colored vinyl, 6 inserts, limited to 300 numbered copies
Price: 15 euro (only 4 copies left)

Germany Army – Jivaro  Witnesses (Burka For Everybody)

Excellent minimal electronics release by this American based duo… true industrial sounds reminiscent of early Cabaret Voltaire mixed with some other adventurous electronic pop touches like you might know from Kaa Antilope… trippy and freaking stuff…

listen to a track here…

lp, 12 tracks, insert
Price: 15 euro (only 3 copies left)

Submergent Corridors – Pressing Landscapes Under Glass (This Starcraft)

Remember Sixteens (16s)? One half of the band is still active with Submergent Corridors and Tropikorps (see below). This 12″ is all you want to hear if you like moody minimal synth tunes with a post-punk touch… done with analogue gear… raw and unpolished and nasty at times but simply excellent! Highly recommended!!

listen + listen

12″, 4 tracks
Price: 16 euro (only 2 copies left)

Tropikorps – Listen To Seashell (This Starcraft)

Tropikorps is next to Submergent Corridors a project by one half of Sixteens who teamed up with Iggi Coldkoff (Salta Kava)… this new project is what you could call tropical wave… but less exotic and a bit darker as for example Maria Minerva… highly original stuff which will please not only Sixteens fans…

listen to a track here…

12″, 6 tracks, dark purple vinyl
Price: 16 euro (only 3 copies left)

Skanfrom – Postcards (Suction Records)

Skanfrom seemed to have disappeared some years ago together with his other projects like Television Set and Bakterielle Infektion… but after those two re-appeared again it was a matter of time fro Skanfrom to re-surface again too… With this new album you get what you could expect… or to be more positive… you get what you wanted… this brings back good memories of the days of It & My Computer and the other bands already mentioned… superb lo-fi minimal elektro pop… great stuff… still!

listen to a track here…

lp, 10 tracks, lp’s are still sealed
Price: 16 euro

Vogue – Sahara (Anna Logue Records)

Re-issue of obscure and hard to find (and very expensive) 12″ from 1983… two minimal synth cult tracks which are sounding still hot today… recommended!!

listen to a track here…

12″, 2 tracks, limited to 300 copies
Price: 12 euro (only 1 copy left)

Monster Apparat – Apparat! (Kernkrach)

The fun project by Kord and one half of Adolf Filter is back after a break with new blood in the band and new tracks… Here is a 10″ mini album with minimal synth and minimal elektro tunes to entertain you. Pure party music for synth lovers… as easy as that.

listen to previews here…

10″, 6 tracks, insert, limited to 250 numbered copies in silk screened sleeves with different colors
Price: 18 euro

*Y* – The Dance Of The Illussion (Burka For Everybody)

New 12″ by Spanish *Y* which follows their superb LP (see above)… this 12″ is less raw and less dark maybe… more elektro-pop orientated… more melodic… not in Spanish but in English… but still high quality stuff… one of the few truly interesting new bands when it comes to (dark) elektro-wave…

listen to a full track here…

12″, 4 tracks, insert
Price: 16 euro (only 1 copy left)


Doxa Sinistra – Newsflashes (Trumpett)

Third and last Doxa Sinistra album re-released on vinyl for the first time… more rhythmic and “pop” as the first two albums but still on the experimental side of things when it comes to minimal electronics…

listen + listen

2 x 12″, 12 tracks, limited edition of 340 copies
Price: 15,50 euro

League Of Nations / David Sinfield – Music For The New Depression / Oblique Strategy (Anna Logue Records)

Here is the long awaited re-issue of the cult record by League Of Nations… fans and collectors pay a lot of money for the original of this amazing 80’s minimal synth piece… and it wasn’t an Anna Logue Records release if they wouldn’t have made it a but special… this package is spiced up by some solo work of David Sinfield (member of League Of Nations)… so you get one filled LP… a 7 inch and a poster and another insert… the sleeve is nice… the innersleeve printed… well a true future collector piece for sure!

listen + listen

lp + 7 inch, 16 tracks, two inserts, limited to 500 copies
Price: 20 euro (only 1 copy left)

Dada Pogrom – Glasgow Synthesizer / Watford Underground (F.K.K.-Musik)

New FKK release and one of the best in the series! Catchy and dancefloor orientated “classic” minimal elektro pop. If you are a fan of the classic Kernkrach sounds and their FKK series you will not be disappointed…

7″, 2 tracks, insert, limited to 175 numbered copies
Price: 9 euro (only 2 left)

Various Artists – Sie Hat Schenkel Wie Godzilla (Kernkrach)

A new Kernkrach compilation… presented as a soundtrack for an obscure B (XYZ?) movie… which is of course not the case… still the compilation is nice and features some great tunes from Error 144, Delos and some other typical Kernkrach bands like Sutterlin and Neonlichter Im Ausverkauf and some suprising better known bands like ((Pressures)) and Poeme Electronique… a feast for the minimal synth lover for sure!

lp, 12 tracks, 180 gr colored vinyl, fold out poster, handnumbered edition of 300 copies
Price: 17,50 euro (only 3 copies left)

18e: Oktober – Disko Maskin (Börft)

Here is a second selection of tracks from Swedish cult synth / minimal elektro outfit 18e: Oktober. Some weird and freaky stuff in here and also some “typical” early elektro tracks… All tracks are from 1984 to 1987… a very nice selection it is!

listen + listen + listen

2lp, 29 tracks, limited to 500 copies
Price: 26,50 euro

Violence – Erlebnis (Visage Musique)

Debut album from this Canadian electronic outfit… while there debut EP (see below, a few copies left) was rather synthpop minded this album broadens the sound spectrum… Violence keeps true to their melancholy new wave mood but transforms this into contemporary electronic / dance music… both for the dancefloor as for chill outs… recommended!!

listen to a track here…

lp, 10 tracks,
Price: 16 euro

Frak – Ultrasaw (Börft Records)

New Frak release with crazy and twisted acid tracks… Frak as we know them, as we like them and at their best!


12″, 6 tracks
Price: 15 euro (only 3 copies left)

Various Artists – The Sound Of Geri Reig (Kernkrach Schallplatten)

Simply amazing compilation centered around Der Plan and their American counterparts who got Der Plan kick-started in 1979 when one of the members of the future Der Plan hooked up with them in and around San José. So here you get the original home-tape recordings of early Der Plan and their other projects in the early phase and those of their American partners in crime. Weird DaDa-pop and crazy playful tunes made with simple means but pure energy and authentic art-punk music as it should sound… raw, undefined and daring!!

lp, 16 tracks, 180gr colored vinyl, limited to 500 hand numbered copies
Price: 17,50 euro

Europ Europ / Various Artists – Remix Hitparade (Etch Wear)

Here comes a remix album by our friends from Europ Europ… featuring some amazingly good remixes by Enfant Terrible artists like Sololust, St. Maurice (Neugeborene Nachtmusik) and Neurobit… and more… super limited edition with all different sleeves… DIY/DIT as good as it gets!

listen (Sololust rmx) + listen (St. Maurice rmx)

lp + cd, 7 tracks on the LP and 11 tracks on the cd, red vinyl, limited to 205 hand numbered copies, fold out poster sleeve
Price: 10 euro

Various Artists – Dummes Zeux Kann Man Viel Reden (Schallplatten Aus Lurup / NLW)

One of my favorite labels returns with a crazy new little 7″ compilation… the best in this series yet… trashy and twisted synth punk and minimal elektro stuff… featuring the resident band Anti-Trust of course and three other totally unknown bands…

listen to previews of all four tracks here…

7″, 4 tracks, insert, colored vinyl, limited to 150 hand numbered copies
Price: 8 euro (only 3 copies left)

Dylan Ettinger / Goldendust – split 7″ (DKA Records)

Simply a  great split 7″! Dylan Ettinger serves a dark piece which is maybe one of his best tracks yet! Goldendust delivers a superb melancholy electronic new wave tune… much better as this it will not get. Highly recommended!!

listen to the Dylan Ettinger track here…

listen to the Goldendust track here…

7″, 2 tracks, limited to 350 copies
Price: 12 euro (only 4 copies left)

Frak/Smea – split LP (Börft)

Another crazy release by the legendary Swedish Börft label… this time a split release by cult act Frank and Smea… both serve you twisted and weird dance tunes but also some dark and wicked tracks… well I guess if you know Frak you know what you are in for… by the way this is the re-release from the classic from 2003…

listen to a bit of Frak

listen to a bit of Smea

12, 6 tracks
Price: 14 euro

Roberto Auser Trio – Darkness Walks (Ausland)

Second release in the Ausland series. After the “Future Exotica” record Roberto Auser takes us into much darker territory. Some tracks have a dark jazz touch and would fit in a David Lynch film… still there are some electro influences to be found too. A very interesting release which shows Roberto Auser is still developing his sound…

see and listen to a preview here…

12″, 4 tracks, handnumbered limited edition of 450 copies – Price: 10 euro
12″, 4 tracks, handnumbered limited edition of 50 copies with fold out poster – Price: 15 euro

Cornflakes 808 – Bubble Gums (Vade Retro)

Cornflakes 808 is the neo italo disco project by the musician behind Spettro Family… dancefloor tracks for people who like italo disco but not too cheesy… spacey and hi-nrg tunes!

listen to a track here…

12″, 3 tracks, limited to 150 copies
Price: 10 euro (only 3 copes left)

Enid Fleurette Et Poussiere – Participer A Une Observation (Treue Um Treue)

Behind this name goes the label owner of Kernkrach… known by many for years as one of the labels specialized in minimal synth/elektro… and here he is with his debut 7″… which is quite dark and post-punk minded… raw and minimal… something for fans of minimal electronics old style…

listen here..

7″,  2 tracks, photo booklet, limited to 206 numbered copies
Price: 13 euro

Profligate – The Red Rope EP (DKA Records)

Released at the same time as the 12″ on Gooiland Elektro… but this EP by Profligate is much more EBM orientated… and has more references to new wave as any of his previous work… still it is a true Profligate release with its hypnotizing mood and trance indulging structures… as all of his releases so far I can only highly recommend this one!

listen here to a full track…

12″, 3 tracks, insert, limited to 500 copies
Price: 15 euro (only 2 copies left)

Figure Studies – Lesson One (Dark Entries)

Debut 7 inch of this new USA based minimal synth out fit… and very convincing debut release… two rather dark and moody tracks which brings back flashes of minimal electronics by acts such as Echo West, Bakterielle Infektion and the likes… more new wave minded as synth pop minded… and the tracks are crafted very well too… really great stuff!

listen to a full track here…

7″ , 2 tracks, insert
Price: 12 euro

Adam Berces – Jönökip / Death:Automatic (F.K.K.-Musik)

New 7 inch on F.K.K.-Musik and one of the best so far! Two great miniimal synth / minimal elektro tracks… one uptempo for the dancefloor and one slower one with a dark mood… almost sounding like a Third Wave sort of thing… highly recommended!!

See / listen to a full track here…

7″, 2 tracks, insert, limited to 150 numbered copies
Price: 9 euro (only 3 copies left)

Gartmalen – Exbehaviour (Phantasma Disques)

Debut album by Dutch dark electronics project Gartmalen… in between electronic drones and down tuned electro… sort of post electro.

Listen to a full track here…

cd-r, 9 tracks, limited edition of 75 copies (sorry only copies without the Japanse OBI left)
Price: 2 euro

Special deal –> order for a minimum of 25 euro of other records and get this one for FREE…

Hunter Complex – Heat (Narrominded)

New album by Dutch king of synth pop… this is classic synth pop… this would have reached a mainstream pop audience in the 80’s… the compositions and production are excellent… nothing lo-fi or whatever… just amazingly professional!

lp,  10 tracks, limited edition of 100 copies on marbled pink vinyl
Price: 16 euro (only 1 copy left)

Edmundy – Astropsychics (Börft)

Moody house stuff on Börft this time… six classic house tracks for the dancefloor… so 90’s…

12″, 6 tracks
Price: 12 euro

Wobbler – Starlight / Sladdertacka (F.K.K.-Musik)

Wobbler is an 90’s electronic band from Sweden of which Kord was a member… and indeed in these tracks you can hear Kord/Frak/Monster Apparat… minimal synth pop as it should sound!

listen to a preview here…

7″, 2 tracks, insert, limited to 150 numbered copies
Price: 10 euro

Corps Noir – Immer Neu / Loneliness (F.K.K.-Musik)

Rather punkish synth wave / minimal elektro tracks from this Austrian band… on F.K.K… so you know what to expect!

listen to one full track here…

7″, 2 tracks, insert, limited to 150 numbered copies
Price: 10 euro

Vision Factory – Nice To Meet Insanity (NLW)

Harsh and industrial sounding minimal electronics from 1986-1988. Even though the songs are raw they still are songs… some even rather dancefloor orientated… a nice and rather obscure suprise from the 1980’s…

listen here to snippets from the LP

lp, 12 tracks, insert, limited edition
Price: 15 euro (only 1 copy left)

Five O’Clock Traffic – Let Us Leave To The Machine What Belongs To The Machines (Börft)

Remember their excellent last album? I do… superb electro(pop)… and now here is more… maybe a little bit more abstract and a little bit more freaky… but well… it is still great stuff… possible what we could call “typical” from the house of Börft… so yes I love it!

listen + listen

12″, 6 tracks, limited to 600 copies
Price: 14 euro

Mick Milk – Half Lifes (Anna Logue Records)

DIY one man project from the early 80’s. Released only one 12″ in 1982. Anna Logue added tracks to fill up one LP and a 7″. Not your typical minimal synth stuff mut weirder and more experimental… in a way like Der Plan, DEVO, John Bender and Richard Bone.

listen to a full track here

lp + 7″, 14 tracks, LP is white vinyl, printed innsersleeve, 2 inserts, limited edition
Price: 16 euro

Xander Harris – The New Dark Age Of Love (Not Not Fun)

Next to “Snow Crash” here is another new vinyl release by Xander Harris… and… he is getting better and better is what he does… cosmic synth lines fused with raw beats… often EBM styled rhythms… it works for me… the music is getting richer with each release without loosing any impact or raw energy… great stuff!!

listen + listen

lp, 9 tracks, records are sealed
Price: 16 euro (only 2 copies left)

Xander Harris – Snow Crash (Desire Records)

After the album “Urban Gothic” album Xander Harris surprises me again with a great record filled with cosmis / space synth music. What sets this musician apart from many others is the raw energy is some of the tracks… many tracks are spiced up with EBM inspired beats and rhythms… and it fits perfectly! So… here is another great trip / ritual…

Listen to a full track here…

lp, 7 tracks,  colored vinyl, limited to 300 copies
Price: 15 euro (only 2 copies left)

Mater Suspiria Vision – Serenity (Phantasma Disques)

New Mater Suspiria Vision LP… witch house as some people call it… but it is droney minimal electronics to me… some beat orientated tracks and some really nasty but great noisy pieces. A great dark trip!!

See and hear here…

lp,  7 tracks, poster, two photos, colored vinyl
Price: 17,50 euro  (only 1 copy left)

Pseudo Code – The Third EP (EE Tapes)

The excellent Bene Gesserit side project Pseudo Code gets  another re-issue with this super nice 4 track 7 inch EP. More pop orientated (most of the time) as Bene Gesserit but still not everyday pop music. A perfect companion to the other (re) releases as well as a great way to start exploring the world of Pseudo Code.

listen + listen

7″, 4 tracks, insert, limited to 250 copies
Price: 10 euro (only 3 copies left)

Bene Gesserit – A High, Happy, Perverse And Cynical Cry Of Joy (EE Tapes)

As I have said before… Bene Gesserit is together with Kaa Antilope among the best bands from Belgium when it comes to adventurous and experimental new wave / post-punk music. Here is a re-issue of the first LP they released back in 1985. Weird and uncompromising pop music is what you get… but people who know… well they know… and if not… just listen to this release and you will understand… simply amazing… still… and strongly recommended if you like La Mort De L’Hippocampe and Milligram Retreat…

listen + listen + listen

cd, 18 tracks, fold out digipack, still sealed, limited to 500 copies
Price: 2 euro (only 1 copy left)

Various Artists – Mir Will Das Kranke Zeux Nicht Munden (Shallplatten Aus Lurup)

Here is a new release by one of my personal favorite labels… as always completely mental stuff… weird… over the edge minimal synth and NDW tracks. This time four tracks by four bands… featuring Gaul Syndrom, Various 41/2 Meets The Hormonic Calves, Charles Lindbergh N.E.V. and Anti Trust.

listen to Various 41/2 Meets The Hormonic Calves + listen to Charles Lindbergh N.E.V.

7″, 4 tracks, insert, toxic green vinyl, limited numbered edition of 150 copies
Price: 2 euro

Special deal –> order for a minimum of 25 euro of other records and get this one for FREE…

Rioteer – Step It Up! (Killbot Records)

New 7 inch by 8 bit veteran Rioteer (also known as Neurobit and Former Descent). This time no harsh breakcore but very nice melodic but rhythmic orientated chiptunes. Truly nice crafted pieces… must have for 8 bit AND minimal fans.

7″, 2 tracks, limited edition of 250 copies
Price: 2 euro

Special deal –> order for a minimum of 25 euro of other records and get this one for FREE…

Új Látásmód Fúzió – Itt Vagyok / Térdre Kényszerített Tegnapok (F.K.K.-Musik)

Új Látásmód Fúzió is nobody else as GK Agenda (known from Invasion Planete) and Nosztalgia Direktiva (known from Enfant Terrible). Here are two tracks from the 90’s with new wave inspired minimal elektro from old Europa. Nostalgic and analogue… one for the fans of the minimal elektro style…

listen + listen

7″, 2 tracks, insert, limited to 150 numbered copies
Price: 10,50 euro (only 1 copy left)

XEX – Group: XEX (Dark Entries)

Classic electronic pop album full of DaDa-ism and other weirdness… some years ago we also sold the cd re-issue… here is the vinyl re-issue. Simply an all time classic when it comes to electronic pop music!

listen + listen

lp, 14 tracks, 16 page booklet as insert
Price: 14 euro (only 1 copy left)

Ende Shneafliet –  Synthimental Love Songs (Trumpett)

Here is another vinyl on Trumpett to celebrate the 30 years of activities. This Ende Shneafliet record is a companion to the 2LP released by Enfant Terrible (Enfant05). So accordingly the sides are titled E an F (as the A,B,C and D sides can be found on Enfant05). But, it is also a collection tracks standing on its own… sequenced for you by Enfant Terrible. 11 tracks to satisfy your hunger for authentic 80’s synth / minimal music…

listen + listen

lp, 11 tracks, crystal clear vinyl, limited to 320 copies
Price: 13 euro (back in stock)

Taciturne – Die letzten 7 Tage des Taciturne (TuT/RuR Tonträger)

Double cassette release with archive tracks by Taciturne… Amiga 500 tunes… so expect so nice old school lo-fi chiptunes… from uptempo chip-techno to medieval inspired tunes… a really release with a true old school look and feel!

listen + listen

2 tapes, comes in VHS tape style case, 11 tracks, limited to 100 hand numbered copies
Price: 5 euro

Vucko 84 – Der Sultan / Unbekannte Horizonte (F.K.K.-Musik)

A new 7 inch from F.K.K.-Musik… this time rather raw and trashy and punk minded minimal synth/elektro stuff… like always a feast for the real minimal fans among us…

listen here to a full track

7″, 2 tracks, insert, limited hand numbered edition of 150 copies
Price: 10,50 euro

Future Blondes – Feather 17 (Blind Prophet Records)

A superb release by this rather new band. Like techno / trance done from a minimal electronics point of view. For real freaks a must have!!


lp, 3 tracks, limited edition on white vinyl
Price: 16 euro (only 1 copy left)

Staltrad – Utanforskap / Sliter (F.K.K.-Musik)

Minimal synth / elektro as we are used from FKK / Kernkrach… nothing shocking but nice… fits perfectly in the nice FKK series… although more raw and punky as most others so far in this series..

7″, 2 tracks, insert, limited to 150 numbered copies
Price: 10 euro (only 2 copies left)

Subject / Human Dance – The (Almost) Insanely Happy EP (EE Tapes)

A nice small compilation on 7 inch with three tracks by Subject and three tracks by Human Dance… both projects by Alain Neffe known from Bene Gesserit and his Insane Music label. So I guess you know what we are talking about here…
A nice little record for the collector and connoisseur…

listen to some Subject
listen to some Human Dance

7″, 6 tracks, limited to 250 copies
Price: 10 euro (only 2 copies left)

Ebola / Arkona – Computape (Oficyna Biedota)

Split tape by two Polish electronic outfits. Both are operating in the same scene… and somewhat same style… their sound is very interesting… like and updated and intelligent version of EBM… never crossing the line towards nerdy IDM… daring structures and nice moods are what you get served. Keep an eye out for more from these musicians… recommended!!

listen to Ebola

tape, C15, 3 tracks, insert, numbered edition of 100 copies
Price: 2 euro

Sturmkapelle – Ode An Den Sozialstaat / Die Natur Kennt Keine Grenze (F.K.K.-Musik)

Here is another one in the excellent F.K.K.-Musik series. Of course minimal synth stuff… the A-side a bit NDW influenced maybe… playful at least… the B-side is an superb piece of downtempo elektro/synth pop… the spoken voice on top gives it just the right touch… outstanding!

7″, 2 tracks, colored vinyl, insert, limited to 150 numbered copies
Price: 10 euro (only 3 copies left)

Charles Lindbergh n.e.V. – Maerchenliebe (Schallplatten Aus Lurup)

A new release from one of my favorite labels. As always only for the true collector / hardcore fan of obscurities… you know the deal… sometimes out of tunes but always true and die hard stuff.


7″, 2 tracks, limited hand numbered of 150 copies
Price: 2 euro (only 1 left)

Special deal –> order for a minimum of 25 euro of other records and get this one for FREE…

Maria Minerva – Cabaret Cixous (Not Not Fun)

Maybe my favorite album from last year… so this small repress was the change to also get some copies for the webshop… this is the most adventurous “minimal” I heard in a long time… the music is minimalistic, exotic, exciting… like Italo tunes turned inside out or some tropical storm caught in excellent pop songs. Highly recommended!!

listen + listen

cd, 11 tracks
Price: 2 euro (only 1 copy left)

Moduretik – Ty Ja / Your Deeds (F.K.K.-Musik)

The most classic minimal release so far in F.K.K.-Musik 7″series. Maybe even classic Kernkrach stuff… but the way we like it. So get ready for two great tracks of lo-fi elektro.

7″, 2 tracks, insert, limited to 150 numbered copies
Price: 10 euro (only 3 copies left)

ORDUC – DO (Motok)

New 7″  by Dutch ’80’s cult act Orduc. Eight short crazy and twisted minimal electronic pieces. The people who know Orduc know what to expect…

7″, 8 tracks, clear red vinyl, limited numbered edition of only 60 copies
Price: 7,50 euro

Special deal –> order for a minimum of 25 euro of other records and get this one for FREE…

Stranger Station – Cynthia 7″ (Attractive!)

Super nice dreamlike synth wave tracks from 80’s cult band Stranger Station. You get three tracks with sophisticated electronic pop songs which are perfect to enjoy with a glass of quality red wine.

listen + listen

7″, 3 tracks, white vinyl, limited to 500 copies
Price: 8 euro (only 2 copies left)

Novva Falla – Teslacar / Licht (F.K.K.-Musik)

Here is another excellent F.K.K. release… rather spacey and trippy synth stuff… lo-fi cosmic synth tunes with a weird touch… highly recommended!!

7″, 2 tracks, insert, limited to 150 numbered copies
Price: 10 euro (only 4 copies left)

Schwellkörper – Schenk Mir Deine Zeit (Kernkrach Schallplatten)

Re-issue of two lost NDW tracks by German band Schwellkörper from 1982. On the B-side two new tracks in the same style. As always excellent packaging as you expect from Kernkrach.

listen + listen

7″, 4 tracks, 2 inserts, limited to 250 copies
Price: black vinyl: 9 euro (only 1 copy left) / coloured vinyl: 15 euro (only 2 copies left)

Former Descent – My Life In The Box Of Ghosts EP (Shipwrec Records)

Former Descent is the new alias of Bas ‘Neurobit’ Welling for the freestyle sounds and tracks that are not Neurobit nor Rioteer… This debut is a playful and 8bit inspired EP with one more break/noisy track but also an ambient piece next to some elektro minded bleeps and bits. If you like 8 bit stuff but also can look beyond the rigid sound and style of that you will love this!

listen + listen

12″, 6 tracks, limited edition of 200 copies
Price: 5 euro

Stefanie Ressin / Asmus Tietchens – 3 Wishes (Meeuw Muzak)

Excellent split 7 inch with two cover versions of the classic Klaus Nomi track ‘3 Wishes’. The Stefanie Ressin version is possibly even better as the original… very dancefloor friendly. Asmus Tietchens brings a more experimental version but still close to the original in a strange and funny way. Truly a must have!

7″, 2 tracks, limited edition
Price: 2 euro (only 2 copies left)

The Pitchshifters – Goshen / 828 7″ (Meeuw Muzak)

Very nice 7 inch by The Pitchshifters… like synthpop done by Optic Nest or something… a bit weird but song structured… and structured but not like a regular song… well if you like lofi/analogue/not everyday electronics simply get this one!

7″, 2 tracks, limited edition
Price: 2 euro

Logosamphia – Les Sonates Du Neopolka (self released)

Here is another side of Logosamphia… he was featured on the “Kamp Holland” compilation (Enfant17) with a weird electronic pop tune… also there is the “Passage Omni” (ET013) cassette with ambient music… live he is also doing noise stuff and 8 bit trashy pop. But here is a self released cd-r filled with neo-polka tracks. This is wild party music with steady beats and folk melodies and traditional music samples… party till you drop!

listen + listen + listen

cd-r, 12 tracks, in metal can, limited edition on 70 numbered copies
Price: 2 euro (only 3 copies left)

Der Hall – Choräle Der Apocalypse (NLW / Schallplatten Aus Lurup)

Again a dissonant masterpiece of extreme obscure pop music by one of my favorite labels around: Schallplatten Aus Lurup. I guess this one is wasted on all ears except for the real collectors and freaks. Strange, disturbing, weird, dissonant… call it what you want…

7″, 1 tracks (! single sided record !), 2 inserts, colored vinyl, limited and numbered edition of 100 copies
Price: 2 euro
Special deal –> order for a minimum of 25 euro of other records and get this one for FREE…

Alone – An Unread Note (Echoplay)

The first release on the new NLW sublabel Echoplay… a two track 7 inch by Alone… known from his LP on Treue Um Treue.  Here he serves us two electronic synth tracks… one with hints to the Sister Of Mercy without guitars and the other with very clear influences from OMD.

listen + listen

7″, 2 tracks, limited to 250 copies
Price: 2 euro

Pseudocode – Europa (EE Tapes)

What is there to say about this release except it is a must have and one of the few true classics from the 1980’s?! Pseudocode was a project by Alain Neffe (also known from Bene Gesserit) and a band with a sound and style of its own. Adventurous music for people with a good taste in music… so they never reached a broad audience of course. This is radical pop music and first wave industrial music. If you like the “pop” side of Throbbing Gistle (“20 Jazz Funk Greats”) and/or are into stuff like Kaa Antilope (check the mini LP on Enfant Terrible… last copies in stock) and Bene Gesserit you know what it is and you know you cannot miss out on this one. The original vinyl is very expensive. This cd will probably be too in the near future. Next to the album you also get the first and second EP tracks on this disc. A must have!!!

listen + listen + listen

cd, 19 tracks, sticker, limited to 500 copies (300 in this edition)
price: 5 euro  (only 2 copies left)

Lowfish – Hello Tinnitus / A Little Thing Gets By (Suction Records)

New Lowfish 7″ on Suction Records. Unlike his recent archive release with more IDM related sounds this 7″ is pure synthpop / elektro pop. Very melodic and simply excellent skilful crafted electronic music!

listen + listen

7″, 2 tracks, limited edition of 250 copies
Price: 5 euro

The Mitgang Audio – The View From Your New Home EP (Suction Records)

For me the most outstanding release ever on Suction Records so far… the album was released on CD only but there was also this 12″ EP version with the dancefloor anthems of the album collected. Truly an amazing piece of elektro / synth music and must have for everybody who calls himself a fan of the style/genre/whatever…

listen + listen

12″, 6 tracks
Price: 5 euro (only 4 copies left)

Neurobit – When All Means Fail / Sweet Lullaby To End A Bad Day (Vatican Analog)

Second 8″ release by Neurobit on the Vatica Analog label (for the first one see below) he is imvolved with himself. Neurobit proves again to be the master of minimal music done on gameboys. This second 8″ is even better as the first one. Less noisy, more playful and more melodic. Superb!!

8″, clear vinyl, 2 tracks
Price: 2 euro

Akustikkoppler – Fernmuendlich (NLW)

New project by Matthias Schuster (Im Namen Des Volkes, Bal Paré) and Malte Steiner (Konform, Notstandskomitee). The result is a true gem… a 7″EP with four rather edgy and noisy minimal electronic tracks. A very pleasant and excellent suprise!!

7″, 4 tracks
Price: 2 euro (only 3 copies left)

Orduc – Iron Jubilee (New Bulwark Records & Tapes / Motok)

Another nice little record by Orduc. This time a compilation with some very old track (1979-1983). Some of the track were released on the ‘Pink&Purple’ LP but others are more obscure and taken from cassette releases. Orduc is presented in its true form here: from the weird pop to the experimental sounds… it is all here. We have all the limited edition records in stock: 15 on grey vinyl (Weathered Iron Vinyl) and 25 on copper color vinyl (Ochre Rust Vinyl). These two special editions are numbered 1-15 and 1-25. So the only chance to get them is now and here!

listen + listen

7″, 6 tracks, insert, ultra limited edition (see info text above)
Price: 2 euro
Special deal –> order for a minimum of 25 euro of other records and get this one for FREE…

Fiendish Fib – Down In The Mine (Treue Um Treue Tonträger)

After the split 10″ with Wermut here is full lenght LP with archive material. Simply excellent weird pop that has little to do with minimal synth at all. If you like Ptose you will also love this crazy twisted music.

listen + listen + listen

lp, 22 tracks, limited hand numbered edition of 309 copies, 4 inserts, pink vinyl
Price: 10 euro

Umpire – Another Substance Called (NLW/Suboptimal Records)

And yet another NLW sublabel. On cd they bring you a compilation of the German elektro-wave band Umpire. Around 1990 they released some tapes and tracks on compilations. This is rather poppy and melodic stuff. So if you like Camouflage, Alphaville and New Order but then maybe just more obscure and less produced you should check this out. Nice tunes fro spring I would say!

listen + listen

cd, 12 tracks
Price: 2 euro (only 4 copies left)
Special deal –> order for at least 20 euro of other records and get this one for only 5 euro…

Lowfish – Memories Are Uncertain Friends (Suction Records)

The return of Suction Records! For years Suction Records was one of my favorite elektro-pop / electronic music labels. They were there way before this whole minimal hype started. And now they are back after a hiatus of some years. This cd is an amazing album by Lowfish consisting of track from 1995 to 1999. Excellent electronica/IDM/elektro pieces in every possible way. Nothing more to say except this is a release to adore.

listen + listen + listen

cd, 13 tracks, limited edition of 250 hand numebered copies in tin case
Price: 5 euro

Hunter Complex – Hunter Complex (Narrominded)

Debut album by Dutch electro/synth pop act Hunter Complex (see the Kamp Holland compilation). Really good synth pop with a fresh touch and excellent songwriting. Suprising at many times and playful throughout. Worth checking out for sure!

cd, 12 tracks
Price: 2 euro (only 1 copy left)

Loom11 – Artifacts / Exclusive Offering 7″ (Desire Records)

Side project of White Car… the sound is much more true old school EBM as that of White Car. Less spacey and no funky basslines here. It is all darker and more moody. Very nice debut 7 inch that will appeal to fans of the real EBM sound.

listen + listen

7″, 2 tracks, limited to 300 copies, white vinul
Price: 2 euro (only 1 copy left)

Orduc – 107 (Motok)

After the ultra limited 7 inch ‘Auto’ (see below) Orduc came up with this great new album. About half of the tracks on this record are from 1980/1981 but were finished more recently. The style is still typical Orduc: weird pop, minimalistic electronics and soundscapes. If you like the cult album ‘Pink & Purple’  from 1981 (which is also available here, see below) this new record will please you for sure.

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lp, 13 tracks, transparent green vinyl, insert, limited numbered edition of 250 copies
Price: 5 euro (only 2 copies left)

Various 41/2 Meets Hormonic Calves – Dance With The Butterflies (Schallplatten Aus Lurup / NLW)

Another nice obscurity from the German new wave scene. This band with the much too long name was completely unknown to me before this 7 inch arrived. Like with all releases from the Schallplatten Aus Lurup label this record is ultra limited (only 150 copies) and the sound of the band is lo-fi… very lo-fi. The recordings date from 1989-1991. Also as expected this is not music for the average listener. As with the other releases on this label it is for collector’s and die hard fans of the genre only. Nice little record!


7″, 4 tracks, gold colored vinyl, insert, limited edition of 150 hand numbered copies
Price: 2 euro (only 4 copies left)
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Charles Lindbergh n.e.V. – Mal glucken, ob’s klappt… (Schallplatten Aus Lurup / NLW)

Another nice little record from Schallplatten Aus Lurup, the side label from NLW. Although these songs were recorded live in 2007 at the Kernkrach Festival they are originally from the 1980’s. These live recordings show the great lo-fi electronic DIY attitude of this act. Maybe the singing is out of tune at times but it is simply excellent DaDa synth pop!

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7″, 4 tracks,  insert, limited edition of 150 hand numbered copies
Price: 2 euro (only 2 copies left)
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Narrow – From DIY With Love (Treue Um Treue Tonträger)

After Fiendish Fib and Alone here is another discovery from the 1990’s in the field of (minimal) electronics. Narrow from Croatia delivers minimal electronics as they should soon: the perfect mix of analogue elektro and experimental but rhythmic orientated old school industrial. Maybe most of the songs are more straight forward as Doxa Sinistra but I still think this will appeal to fans of that 1980’s band. Also if you are into Esplendor Geometrico and Blackhouse for example you will love this.  A truly great discovery!

–> We have the special edition in stock with an additional cd with 9 more tracks. There are only 99 copies of this edition.

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lp+cd, 19 tracks, special fold out sleeve, an edition of 310 hand numbered copies
Price: 12 euro

Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte – At The Gate (Treue Um Treue Tonträger)

After a long time a new sign of life from the Wermut side project Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte. The sound and songs are not surprising in anyway if you are familiair with the project but this does not mean it is not good. You get deep melancholy minimalistic elektro/synth music. Four tracks to get you all spiritual and tranquil. A must have for Wermut/IWIK fans!

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7″, 4 tracks, golden vinyl, spine sleeve, 3 inserts and in a limited and hand numbered edition of 366 copies
Price: 5 euro  (only 4 copies left)

Frak – Sulky / Herkules (Djuring / Börft)

Frak is one of the key bands in the Swedish electronic scene. They have been releasing music and playing live since 1987 in a few different line-ups. Here is a 7 inch with two tracks from 2007/2008. This is like a lo-fi techno/proto techno style of music but done with a synthpop mindset . It will appeal to fans of Kord and Monster Apparat for sure. Something wild and weird you just need to love!

7 inch, 2 tracks, numbered limited edition of 250 copies
Price: 2 euro
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Various Artists – Friends (Elpee Enschede/Stichting Muziek Nieuws)

Obscure Dutch compilation LP from 1986. In the past we sold these and now we found again some copies at one of the musicians (ORDUC) who contributed to this record. What you get are 15 exclusive tracks from 1986 by obscure and sometimes legendary Dutch and Belgium artists. The sounds range from electronic pop music to experimental noise and everyhting in between.Featured are amongst others are The Klinik, De Fabriek, Kapotte Muziek, ORDUC, The Bearcage and Das Ding.

lp + 15 tracks
Price: 17,50 euro (only 1 copy left)

Orduc – Pink & Purple (New Bulwark Records & Tapes)

A lost gem of the early 80’s… this lp from the Dutch crazy minimal pop act Orduc is from 1981. We have all the last original unplayed copies of this wonderful and weird album.

Not to be missed…

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lp, 15 tracks
Price: 12 euro

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Five O’Clock Traffic – Aside From Dreams And Hallucincations (Djuring Phonogram / Börft)

Another great release on Börft Records from Sweden. This time it will please the fans of (minimal) elektro for sure. Playful dance tunes in the minimal elektro style with a weird twist from time to time. More dancefloor orientated and less weird as their previous two releases but equally good. If you like It & My Computer check this out!

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lp, 9 tracks, limited to 300 copies
Price: 12 euro (only 1 copy left)

Bondage Fairies – Garbage Indiebands 7″ (Lobotom Records)

Brand new 7″ by Bondage Fairies with two new songs. After the first 7″ and the debut cd album the band is back with more 8 bit elektro tunes and some guitar chords. The A side is more of a parody on indie bands (see the title) with some guitar pieces mixed with 8 bit noises. On the B side is the more than excellent 8 bit elektro track ‘Girls Are Sick’. An absolute great appetizer for the second album!?

7″, 2 tracks
Price: 2,00 euro
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NoNotes – Mode (Motok)

From the obscure Dutch 80’s artist ORDUC comes this new release with contemporary minimal music. This is an independent release the artist did all on his own. Nonotes is an ambient drone project with (post) industrial influences and a minimalistic character. For over 40 minutes the music takes you away on a strange psychedelic trip only to leave you wondering afterwards. These effective drones are done with synthesizers, guitar and effects and were recorded in one take.

listen + listen + listen

cd, 8 tracks, limited to 500 copies
Price: 2 euro (cardboard sleeve) (only 1 copy left)
Special deal –> order for a minimum of 25 euro of other records and get this one for FREE…