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Nico_MarbleIndexThere are always one or two artists each year who get the most plays here at ET HQ… last year this was for sure Nico with Ben Frost as runner-up…

Nico… well what is there to say except that you need to experience her music by submerging yourself in her simply unique and outstanding music… “The End” has for years been a record returning on my record player… last year both “The Marble Index” (1968) and “Desertshore” (1970) found its ways (again) into my life…

benfrost_auroraNext to Nico I have been playing a lot of Ben Frost music… I think mostly “Aurora” (2014) but also some of his other works… in an age where it is hard to come up with original music Ben Frost stands apart… album after album his sound evolves (and sometimes changes a bit) and becomes more intense, more complex and more daring… “Aurora” really gripped me this year with its perfect mix between ambient, industrial, idm and noise… I am very curious what this musician will serve us next… hopefully something new is come this year…



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  1. most rpm 2015 in the Etch Wear HQ:

    (apart from the obvious Spring Thing compilation, Europ Europ/Dross the Drone split, Diverting Duo and Psykopharmaka albums we released ourselves 2015)

    Embers ‘kout EP’ 12″+CD
    Distel ‘zand’ 7″
    Neugeborene Nachtmusik – s/t LP
    the Soft Moon ‘deeper’ 2LP+7″
    Soft As Snow ‘chrysalis’ 12″
    Eartheater ‘RIP Chrysalis’ M/Stick
    Duran Duran ‘paper gods’ 2LP

    also some old records spinned some extra rounds 2015:

    the Afghan Whigs ‘gentlemen at 21’ 3LP
    Led Er Est ‘may’ 12″
    C Cat Trance ‘play masenko combo’ LP
    Lorde ‘pure heroine’ LP

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