Ab ovo – Le temps retrouvé (1994-2007)

Ab ovo – Le temps retrouvé (1994-2007) (2LP, 150 copies with screen printed artwork) – OUT SOON

Ambient / idm duo Ab ovo started creating music in 1991. Only in 1996 they put out their first album “Panorama 94-96”. It was only in 2004 with the release of the album “Les Temps Suspendu…” I came across their work. From there on their music stuck with me ever since.  “Mouvements”, the last album until now was released in 2007 and then it became silent. Solo works by the musicians appeared but no new Ab ovo works saw the light.

All six Ab ovo albums were only released on CD. This in combination with the silence ever since 2007 made me contact the musicians. I proposed a 2LP retrospective covering all six albums… which they accepted. Together with the musicians I made a selection and a running order. We did this carefully and with the intention of creating a true album instead of “just” a compilation.

For the artwork I selected photographs of geodesic domes. This as these shapes combine the natural and the technological which is in line with the music of Ab ovo which sounds both organic and electronic.

I would like to call Ab ovo masters of moods and structures as this is what their music communicates to me…. colors and shapes… “Le temps retrouvé (1994-2007)” surpassed all my expectations  and intentions for this record when I first imagined it. It is just as perfect as either a retrospective of the work of Ab ovo , or as a tribute to the band or as an introduction to this music for those who do not know yet… at least I think so…


Ps. Ant-Zen who released the latest three Ab ovo albums on CD released a digital version of “Le temps retrouvé (1994-2007)” with different artwork.


A1 – Arimathie’s rain
A2 – Night is my time
A3 – You are very far now
A4 – Triode

B1 – Deep
B2 – L’écume d’un soir
B3 – Horizon vertical
B4 – Inlandsis

C1 – Diaclase
C2 – Descendance
C3 – Quiesce

D1 – Le passage de l’aube
D2 – Arioso
D3 – Triode (Nimp remix)