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Antlers Mulm – Give And Take

Antlers Mulm – Give And Take (7″, 250 copies)








Ocean, stars and responsibility…

Antlers Mulm has been sending his melancholy songs and soundscapes into the world for many years now… some years ago one song was featured on the “Radio Resistencia” compilation (ET001) and finally there is this 7 inch on Enfant Terrible… the two tracks are coming from the last album “Touring The Moon Bog” which was released on cd and tape earlier this year… both tunes featured on vinyl here are the most up-tempo and rhythm driven ones from that album… recommended to fans of Solitude FX but also those who are into New Order… it is all melancholy, dreamy and catchy… what else could you wish for?

The artwork was designed by Saskia Freeke and printed on a Risograph machine…


A Give And Take

B In Reverse