Auva Duhr – Twilight EP

Auva Duhr – Twilight EP (CD, edition of 100 copies, 4 panel screen printed artwork + bandcamp digital release)

Auva Duhr is the more dancefloor minded project by the musician behind Neugeborene Nachtmusik. As with all of his output it is hard to define his sound simply as such or such style/genre. But Auva Duhr can possibly be described best as post-rave with a dark mood. Only recently Auva Duhr released his 8 track debut album (on Neurom Record). This second release “Twilight EP” is a bit tougher and darker as the first one.

Expect to hear bits and pieces of elektro, techno, idm and rave music. Split over different tracks but sometimes also being part of one and the same tune. These 6 tracks are without any doubt produced for the dance floor. But there is more to them. This is stuff for body and mind. Meaning in short that you can trip away on these tunes while on/without a dance floor.

Maybe this is not for everybody but we are not here to please, or entertain, everybody. And we are confident these tracks will find their way to dedicated dj’s, clubs and dance floors.


1.Born In A Trap
2.Break The Yoke
4.Forest Of The Machine Elves
5.Nothing Lasts
6.Let My Mind Behind