Bebe Fang – Bebe Fang

Expected early February

Bebe Fang – Bebe Fang (LP, 150 copies)

For some years a rather obscure tape release is finding it’s way to my cassette deck time and time again… it is the only release by Dutch duo Bebe Fang… and a personal favourite here at ET HQ … in the process to release new music by one of the two members I proposed to also put this tape release on vinyl… and here we are…

Bebe Fang serves you a trip… a dream that also could be perceived as an occult ritual: primitive rhythms, subtle sounds and melodies and singing which goes from whispering to chanting… a weird mix of lo-fi, folklore and psychedelic music… something which Nico could have performed…


A1 Pac Al III
A2 Walk
A3 Work

B1 Pac Al I
B2 Dirt
B3 Lights Go Out
B4 One Ear