Blessum – Blessum

Blessum – Blessum (LP, 150 hand numbered copies with screen printed artwork) – SOLD OUT

This is what happened when Keimpe Koldijk (one half of Bebe Fang) and Wouter Venema (musician and visual artist) locked themselves up during the summer 2011 in a 14th century church in the village of Blessum. This Frisian village, in the northern part of Holland, consists of less then 100 inhabitants. In this tranquil and withdrawn environment the musicians recorded their improvisations on the church organ (which is the second oldest in Europe)… accompanied with subtle electronics and a few other instruments… the result is a stunning experience of free spirited music … meditative soundscapes, lo-fi ambient music and drones including accidental recorded sounds of the surroundings during the sessions… all of this has a charming lo-tech and “live” feeling which only enhances the listening experience… turn off the lights, light a candle (or a few), lie down and let go…


A1. Himelferwulf
A2. Spoekepôlle

B1. Heechlân
B2. Homeie
B3. Alle

Selected press quotes:

“…this self-titled LP from Blessum is GORGEOUS even by the label’s own out-of-this-world standard. … The recording is monstrous in its all-enveloping realism, capturing all the musical potential the 17th century had to offer and in its billowing, stately dialogue with guitar/fx the organ is clearly the star of the LP.  And though this is soft music, for contemplative listening do yourself a favour and play it LOUD. Windows (and the soul) will shudder.” (Low Company)