Cérémonie – Orion

Cérémonie -Orion (12″ EP, 250 copies)







Among all the endless streams of 80’s inspired / influenced music there is seldom something which is interesting to me… that is also the reason I did not release much music on Enfant Terrible in that direction these past years… even though this background is always there in one way or another… but now there is Cérémonie from France… and their music really just does it for me… and yes this is 80’s inspired / influenced music but their songs show another level of songwriting, their sounds are chosen well and the overall mood is so wonderfully melancholic without too much drama or becoming cliché…

They released a cassette EP on their own a few years ago… this release already showed the potential of the band but the songs were a bit more towards indie pop back then… The four tracks presented here on the “Orion” EP are truly contemporary new wave / synthpop pearls… rooted as they sound deeply in the 1980’s but sounding really fresh and contemporary at the same time…

Imagine Deux sounding less (lovely) naïve or Automelodi sounding less glamorous… something like that and you get an idea of where to position Cérémonie in the music field…

“Orion” features three songs by the band and one cover from French 1980’s new wave band Message… and the good news is that the band is currently working on new songs for an upcoming album… stay tuned and enjoy!


A1 Légende
A2 Orion

B1 Néons
B2 Dernière Nuit