Ende Shneafliet – Twistin’ On The Tombstones

Ende Shneafliet – Twistin’ on the Tombstones (2LP, 500 copies) SOLD OUT


Here today, gone tomorrow…

Ende Shneafliet are a forgotten band from The Netherlands that recorded during the early 1980’s. A dedicated audience of connaisseurs around Europe and beyond considers them however one of the most interesting and innovative Dutch minimal electronics acts from that era. Their sound stretches from minimal wave and minimal electronics to a kind of minimal prog-pop.

Enfant Terrible presents a double LP collecting 22 of the best tracks by Ende Shneafliet (of which 20 were never released on vinyl before). All material on this album was recorded in the period 1981 – 1983 and is taken from the various cassette albums the band released on Trumpett.

Enfant Terrible brings to the attention another chapter of Dutch pop music history that has been forgotten. There is still a lot more to tell, but this double LP by Ende Shneafliet is an essential part of the story…


Mein Gänschen
Midnight Train
Rendez-vous Met Betsy

Corps Diplomatique
The Heavenmakers
Furniture (Riffelmann Schnitt)
Scientific Werewolves

De Romant
Der Blöde Hund
North Celestial Pole
Forces (live)
Session Zeitgeist

The Day Detlef Macha Won
Heisenberg (live)

Selected press quotes:

“Ende Shneafliet plays mainly downtempo, electronic popmusic with a highly romantic, film noir vision. It’s perhaps an odd collision of the cold and clinical machines with the vaguely romantic notions, but it works well. At times as dated as it sounded back then, but electronic swing of ‘De Romant’ could still do well on a retro electro party.” (Vital Weekly)

” this fantastic group can be placed on a pedestal with the likes of Cabaret Voltaire, early New Order & embryonic Human League for taking avant electro to strange dizzying new heights. I’m reviewing this LP purely for indulgent reasons – I think this ground breaking & furiously exiting music was the next evolutionary step for electronic sound after Kraftwerk & deserves to be heard.” (Norman Records)

“It’s quite hard to describe the style of Ende Shneafliet, because of its variation and its own twist. Their sound is minimal and quite cold, with influences from wave, synthpop and avant garde electronica. Many tracks have a catchy groove, but it’s certainly no typical dance music.” (Funprox)

“Ende Shneafliet are far from being outdated even though a quarter of a century has elapsed since they first unleashed their seminal experimentation onto a very limited audience. The first thoughts go to the rhythmic industrial scene and of course the whole laptop, minimal electronica crowd of artists, many of whom won’t share the sounds, yet most definitely the attitude. Going further on to the synthpop arena, after a good, pleasant listen to this unique collection, the legacy of acts like these becomes very clear as well. The origins of goth and darkwave?” (Darklife)

“Ende Shneafliet gaat het experiment niet uit de weg en in kale tracks als het duistere, Joy Division-achtige ‘Hangman’ galmt de groep briljant. Vocaal ligt het direct erna geplaatste ‘Communication’ in dezelfde lijn, al dendert de iele synthipopbeat meer maniakaal rond. Cocteau Twins, The Cure en gothic doom worden echter mooi afgewisseld met knorrende Kraftwerk-synthdeunen, filmische ambient en verknipte geluidscollages die aan bijvoorbeeld Aphex Twin doen denken.” (Kindamuzik)