Europ Europ – Repeating Mistakes In Life

Europ Europ – Repeating Mistakes (LP, 200 copies)
Europ Europ – Repeating Mistakes (LP, 13 copies different artwork and with object) NOT FOR SALE


While the ‘Mellowharsher’ mini LP (2012, Enfant Terrible) was subtle on every level this new full length album by Europ Europ might be called subtle noise… ‘Repeating Mistakes’ shows a slightly different side of the Norwegian band… they are back to being a duo and back to basics in a way…

The album is noisy but without being a simple drone… the band serves you lo-fi industrial soundscapes presented as songs… sometimes haunting and disturbing but the next minute soothing and hypnotic… ‘Repeating Mistakes’ is not an easy listening album but a piece of music you need to discover by listening to it over and over again… peeling away layers and uncovering the true nature of the songs by doing this… this is simply minimal electronics as it should sound!


A1 Le Rouge X
A2 22_22
A3 Pre Lies
A4 Oman Disco
A5 Up To Bat

B1 Hearing Aid
B2 Long Play
B3 Not The Best Lie I’ve Had
B4 Ladies
B5 Repeating Mistakes In Life

Selected press quotes:

“De muziek is er duidelijk niet altijd om te pleasen, maar wel om je een onvergetelijk biologerend hoorspel te verschaffen. De ene keer brengen ze angstaanjagende, paranoïde stukken die zo lijken te zijn weggelopen uit een David Lynch film en op andere momenten weten ze surrealistische pracht te brengen die ergens tussen The Residents (fijngemalen, dat wel), Human Greed, Philippe Petit, Boyd Rice, Lasse Marhaug en Father Murphy eindigen. Dit zonder dat het ooit helemaal past, want daarvoor laten deze heren gewoonweg een te eigenzinnige sound horen. Het is een volslagen uniek en meeslepend werk geworden, waar je enkel beduusd achterblijft. Een meesterlijk luisteravontuur.” (Caleidoscoop)

“Listening to Europ Europ’s ‘Repeating Mistakes in Life’ is like spinning the dial of a radio to surf the ether above Interplay Entertainment interpretation of Central-Europe’s apocalypse, just before venturing out of our nuclear shelter. The songs portray landmarks in an uncanny valley between melody and noise, structure and entropy, man and machine. All sense becomes dissonance. Is that a number station or an obsessive ritual? A desperate lullaby morphs into a synthetic shriek, blades of distortion an acid house bass-line. Shit gaze is flayed, its entrails displayed in a metal table, where they transform into iron filings and dust. There becomes here. The shadows that live in these places outside spill into our refuge and engulf us. We become a moment of beauty drowned in noise, the spectre of a song playing in someone else’s radio.” (20jazzfunkgreats)

“…Imagine yourself within the realms of toned down industrial, to the safe-havens of noise – from the depths of experimentalism and utter weirdness, conjugated with noise.” (Invisible Guy blog)