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FFFC – Songs From The Lab

FFFC – Songs From The Lab (12″, 150 copies) SOLD OUT

FFFC (Florence Foster Fan Club) are no strangers in our world of electronic music. Besides releases on their own the musicians behind this project are involved in numerous other projects… like Sumerian Fleet, Zarkoff and Le Chocolat Noir to name just a few. Recently they started operating out of an abandoned factory situated behind the (former) iron curtain… at this place they have collected all their synthesizers and started jamming… this 12″ EP is a selection from recordings from these sessions… throbbing techno and EBM beats are used as a basis for synth tapestries…resulting sometimes in trance indulging dance tracks but also in spacey soundtrack kind of pieces… a true trip!


A1 <untitled>
A2 <untitled>

B2 <untitled>