Gooiland 20

FOQL- Hypatia

FOQL – Hypatia (12″, 150 copies) SOLD OUT

FOQL is belonging to the same Polish electronic music collective as Marburg (see Gooiland 10: V/A – Club Funny Horse) but the sound of this project is truly different… in a way the Hypatia EP is delicate and even fragile maybe… it has the ritual feeling like some of the music by Coil has… next to that it has textures reminiscent of The Future Sound Of London…  and in some ways FOQL fuses ambient, electronix and techno in the same way Kobosil sometimes does… in short.. this is a record for well informed and well educated music lovers…


A1 Poggio
A2 Cyril <video>

B1 Swerve <video>
B2 Theon