|grens|- de verborgen kamer

|grens| – de verborgen kamer (LP, 200 hand numbered copies with art print) – OUT NOW







Dutch duo |grens| I discovered through their self-released tape “Geen Mens Die Op Mij Let”. Their music is a sort of ambient and lo-fi IDM which you could consider like a missing link between Civilistjävel! and Wanderwelle. For this album on Vrystaete they locked themselves up in a cabin somewhere isolated. The result is more a radio play then a regular album. There is a clear narrative throughout the album based on the development of the mood and structures of the individual tracks and their interrelation.

Maybe “de verborgen kamer” LP is a bit dark for a Vrystaete but the sounds are never too cold and the textures are never too rigid… making the overall feel playful and organic despite the dark electronic basis. Possible this is due to the way the record is recorded… much more like a live performance as a composed piece… speaking of live performances… |grens| have been building a strong name for themselves with their concerts… so for sure this is flowing back into their recorded music as well…

|grens| I consider a valuable addition to the Dutch electronic music scene and next to simple fact that I do like their music I find it important to keep supporting new and upcoming musicians from this part of the planet. I am curious to see how |grens| will evolve from now on and “de verborgen kamer” LP is an invitation for you to step on board the journey…