interbellum – februari


interbellum -februari (LP, 150 copies, screen printed artwork)

When I was first listening to interbellum I instantly heard how excellent the ambient music of this Dutch duo is… on the one hand it feels like super well and nice constructed dreamscapes but on the other hand the music also has the quality of a simply excellent improvisation by musicians who have been playing live together every week since years and years… but interbellum is a quite new project by two young musicians… their ambient pieces sound organic and are tranquil and hypnotizing… when listening you could experience like you are floating in between the clouds or drift diving underwater… like being in a sort of bubble but still conscious on another level about the normal life out there… so put on this music… lie down and for a moment just try to forget what else is there…


A1 every word in the English language
A2 brechtje // tien december negentientachtig

B1 winter // tungsten
B2 omen