Monocorpse – Manifestation EP

Monocorpse – Manifestation EP (CD, edition of 100 copies, 8 panel xeroxed fold out artwork + bandcamp digital release)

Monocorpse is known for his thematically loaded EP’s. This new one, entitled “Manifestation EP” is not different from that. Having covered amongst others Haitian Vodou and The Manson Family murders as themes we now enter the world of serial killers and the places their (occult motivated) murders took place. So, yes thematically this is a typical Monocorpse record.

If you are familiar with the music by Monocorpse there will be no real surprises either. His signature sound is here with minimalistic tracks built around a pounding rhythm and eerie sounds. Maybe the tracks featured on this “Manifestation EP” are a bit more energetic and forward moving which makes them probably among the most dance floor friendly Monocorpse did so far.

Even more clearly aiming for the dance floor is the Auva Duhr remix of an older Monocorpse track featured as part of this EP. The remix is quite industrial sounding electro fitting in the tradition of Ultradyne. And, then there is the hypnotic laid back remix by Ye Gods to finish it off and leave you in peace/pieces and/or wanting for more.

Tracklisting (listen here…):

1. Pelham Bay Park
2. Utermyer Park
3. I Wanted Her More Than Anything
4. Near Gutters Path
5. Final Offer (Auva Duhr remix)
6. I Wanted Her More Than Anything (Ye Gods remix)