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Profligate – Can’t Stop Shaking

Profligate – Can’t Stop Shaking (12″, 200 copies) SOLD OUT

Being part of the new wave of electronic dance music coming from the USA Profligate is on top of the game… his sound is a very effective blending of new wave moods, rave esthetics  and trance elements… long psychedelic tracks that are aiming to take you on a (dance) trip into other regions… hard to define but this is what you could call outsider trance…


Can’t Stop Shaking

Selected press quotes:

“…two long-form cuts that are, thanks to their unremitting momentum, downright mind-altering.
The New Order-flavored title track (imagine a crunchier permutation of the “Blue Monday” template) is the most club-tailored thing Profligate has released so far. Shadowy and elegant,  with a finely calibrated murmured chorus, “Can’t Stop Shaking” actually feels self-conscious of its own superiority. It’s more than a great tune; it’s the sound of Anthony revealing in his bold command of what most of us would agree is a truly iconic sound.” (Justin Farrar @ Resident Advisor)