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Roberto Auser / Melting Dogmas – Melting Dogmas / Roberto Auser

Roberto Auser / Melting Dogmas – Melting Dogmas / Roberto Auser (12″ EP, edition of 200 copies, risograph printed artwork: 50 x pink on Kraft paper, 50 x red on Kraft paper, 50 x purple on Kraft paper, 50 x black on recycle paper)  – OUT NOW







This two sided split record between Roberto Auser and Melting Dogmas is a showcase of two sides of contemporary elektro… on one side there is the music of electro veteran Roberto Auser… his modular synth sounds are minimal electronics and 80’s inspired… but these two tracks are a bit different then the beat driven music he released mostly these past few years… despite his recognizable sound these two tracks deliver something new to his repertoire… less beat driven but still very much rhythmic… some industrial and pulsating sounds keep these tracks going and even suitable for the dancefloor late at night or early in the morning… I wish for more of this from Herr Auser!

Melting Dogmas is 4Cantons together with Numèric… if you are familiar with the debut EP by 4Cantons then you will recognize his dark elektro sound… but these two debut tracks of Melting Dogmas are a bit more complex… without losing their club minded attitude… the sounds of Melting Dogmas is idm driven with elektro and techno elements all there in a perfect mix and maybe even making these tracks punchier as the music by 4Cantons… and at the same time also a bit more daring… the structure is less straight forward with a good balance between building up the tension and full out beat parts… just like 4Cantons I cannot recommend enough to keep an eye out for Melting Dogmas… it is very hopeful to have musicians like this around with such good and daring sounds…


A1 Melting Dogmas – Wanting To Be With
A2 Melting Dogmas – Indistinguishable Indications

B1 Roberto Auser – Man With Dead Leg
B2 Roberto Auser – Imperative