Gooiland 07

Schwefelgelb – Dunkel vor den Augen uns

Schwefelgelb – Dunkel vor den Augen uns (12″, 200 copies) SOLD OUT

Schwefelgelb is a techno duo from Berlin… but they play techno in their own way… this is Großstadtmusik… like an updated version of DAF… Techno Body Music if you want it or not… raw proto EBM but done with the aesthetics and technology of today… and moving into bleepy techno in the later-day LFO style… but more important… this is non-stop decadent party music…


A1 In Gelbtönen
A2 Irgendwo Vereint

B1 Auf Der Anderen Seite Vom Fenster
B2 Der Sichere Weg

Selected press quotes:

“Although the sound is influenced by early eighties Neue Deutsche Welle and the centre of the revival is situated around Club des Amateurs in Düsseldorf,  Schwefelgelb breathes Berlin. Dunkel For Den Augen has a very rough and raw sound that reminds me of the early days in clubs like Tresor, making the mixture of early electro and cold and hard 90s techno a special one.” (The Quietus) 

“Der Sichere Weg, like the rest of the Dunkel vor den Augen uns 12″ is a Procustian blueprint for dancefloor authoritarianism, the only sort that we submit to. From the moment it starts, with the squelch of a cheap plastic toy being crushed by the spiky gauntlet of a cyborg dominator, we know how the next minutes are going to play out.” (20jazzfunkgreats)