Solitairen Effekten – Solitairen Effekten

Solitairen Effekten – Solitairen Effekten (10″, 529 copies) SOLD OUT


Unsere Liebe ist für andere gänzlich unbekannt…

Solitairen Effekten contributed an amazing track to the highly acclaimed Electronic Renaissance LP (Enfant04). We are very happy to present as follow up this mini LP, with six minimal electronic hits by this artist.

The musicians serve neo-romantic minimal wave tunes with Neo Deutsche Welle touches, a melancholy mood and irresistible rhythms. This is truely music to dance to and to listen to!
On this mini LP you will find analogue electronic pop music brought back to its essence. No midi and computers were used in these recordings. Solitairen Effekten stands for authentic and real craftmanship… enjoy!


1. Kleines Astronautenmädchen
2. Wir lieben den Tag
3. Fern der Nacht

1. Die Göttin
2. Ein Kleines Stück Erinnerung
3. Liebe im Original

Selected press quotes:

“Some filthy upbeat new romantic style electro then on an ace white vinyl 10″ from Solitairen Effekten. If you’re looking for some of that classic dirty electro pop with heart wrenching synthesizers then look no further.” (Norman Records)

“If you love German bands of the ’80s (Grauzone, Der Plan or early D.A.F. as well as Liasons Dangerous) and you like dark electro pop or analogue electro music you’ll fall in love with this release. The band embraces a “back to basic” attitude by playing analogue instruments without using midi interfaces nor computers.” (Chain DLK)

“Solitairen Effekten is more than influenced by the early 80s electronics, they simply try to emulate the total way of working of the pioneers. They don’t use midi or computers, which is hardly imaginable today. The result is a pure 80s electronic sound like a mix of Front 242’s “Geography”-period and German 80s bands (for the German vocals). The song “Ein kleines Stück Erinnerung” perfectly brings these old memories alive.” (Side-Line)

“…sechs herrlichen Stücken, die ziemlich perfekt auf der Schwelle zwischen Electro-Wave und Minimal-Electro tanzen, wobei durch die deutschen Texte natürlich ein gewisser NDW-Anklang entsteht. Purer 80er Jahre Sound also, der aber heute entstanden ist und perfekt zeigt, zu welchem Sound wir Anfang der 80er Jahre auch getanzt haben. Ultra melodiös, was viel mit dem hochwiedererkennungswertigen Gesang zu tun hat und eben herrlich wavig, so dass man gleich wieder die spitzen Schnallenstiefel hervorkramen will.” (Backagain)