Solitude FX – sfx

Solitude FX – sfx (LP, 300 copies) SOLD OUT


Happy… for awhile…

Back in 2007 we released a 10″ mini LP with Solitude FX under the alias of Solitairen Effekten… featuring only German sung minimal elektro tracks with a slight hint of NDW… “sfx” is another collection of songs by the German duo… this time much more new wave orientated… and even more melancholy as before… but it is not only sadness and solitude these songs have to offer… there is also romance and devotion streaming through them…

The minimal and lo-fi character of the production only serves the songs in being authentic and straight from the heart… less is more proves again to be quite true…

For the artwork Dutch visual artist Hans de Wolf photographed some of his wood sculptures… which fit amazingly well to the mood and feeling of the music…


A1 Kleiner Satellit
A2 Walking With Shadows
A3 Diary Of My Past
A4 Science Fiction Of Hearts
A5 Join The Race

B1 Die Vierte Dimension
B2 Starry Night
B3 Happy
B4 Illusions
B5 In This Night