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Sololust – Total Loss / Sight Shuffle

Sololust – Total Loss / Sight shuffle (7″, 250 copies) SOLD OUT

Nighttime music…

To continue our exploration of the current Dutch electronic scene in its broadest sense we present a 7” by Sololust, one of the projects from the Kamp Holland compilation (Enfant17).

On Kamp Holland Sololust presented a somewhat EBM influenced dark elektro track. On this 7” he shows a different side of the project. Sololust is equally good in creating pounding dark elektro, as techno influenced minimal electronic tracks as in truly excellent synth pop.

“Total Loss” / “Sight Shuffle” is simply superb synth pop of the highest possible level. The A-side is a moody electronic pop song in a style the artist himself calls emotronics. It has that special Wolfsheim kind of quality, but it is darker then Wolfsheim has ever sounded.

The B-side fits perfect with the A side, only it is an instrumental piece which gives the track an ambient touch. This is an excellent track for playing in your car while driving at night. Nighttime music at its very best!

On this 7” Sololust sounds like a bastard love child of Jim Morrison jamming with Porn.Darsteller and backed by the band of Q Lazarus on electronic instruments.


Total Loss

Sight Shuffe

selected press quotes:

“…Sololust’s phased New Wave vocals float against noodling analogue synths and punching, sparse drum machine rhythms in a manner that calls to mind John Foxx, the retro-synth aesthetic calling to mind early Mute Records as much as it does the chillwave likes of Washed Out with its blurred sense of melancholy. (Cyclic Defrost)

“…Sololust rules and we’re dying to hear more.” (Peek-A-Boo music magazine)

“…Auf der A-Seite ist es der absolut fantastische Song „Total Loss“, der schön verspielt und zurückhaltend eine tolle Atmosphäre aufbaut, da muss ich sogar dem Pressetext recht geben, dass der Vergleich zu Q-LAZZARUS gut gewählt ist.” (Terrorverlag)