Studio Dixi – Art-O-Matique

Studio Dixi – Art-O-Matique (art object, not for sale)

What is in the box?

Especially made for Enfant Terrible by Studio Dixi as part of an assigment to investigate how to bring visual art and music (the music of Enfant Terrible that is) together. Inspired by Pop Art, Trash Art and Dadaism this installation is a way to discover music and art objects. Music is brought to the attention by objects that reflect the nature of the music, and the art objects are presented by a composition through a headphone. These compositions are especially written for these objects. The first generation of art objects for the Art-O-Matique are the Transformer Pins (ET009), the Strekenboekjes (ET010) and the Wifebeaters (ET011). The first music releases realized for the Art-O-Matique are The War Of The Worlds by Neurobit (ET007) (including the Space Invaders art objects) and the Diverse Artiesten tape (ET008).

As part of this project also another unique art object was realized… the Knitted Dixi (ET012).

The Art-O-Matique and the art objects were realized by Studio Dixi, a collective of young visual artists and fashion designers from Holland. During September to December 2011 the whole project was brought to live. This installation is planned to be used at Enfant Terrible live events from time to time… and is planned to be stationed in Berlin at XXX from March 2012 onwards.

New objects and music releases will be realized in the future. All objects and releases for the Art-O-Matique will be realized in very small editions.