The Dreams / Scorpion Violente – Untitled

Scorpion Violente / The Dreams (split 7″, 300 copies) SOLD OUT

Hex night fever…

Two bands from the contemporary  French scene / region around Metz France.  Both played on the Hex nights in Amsterdam.

Scorpion Violente plays excellent raw minimal elektro. If you liked the ICK 7” EP we released then you will love this band too. One of the Scorpion Violente members is also involved in
The Dreams.  The Dreams are like the perfect mix between Les Georges Les Leningrad, Crash Course In Science and ICK. In short: some of the best DaDa synth punk bands around at the

An extremely dirty and trashy 7” with wild synth punk sounds for the selected dancefloors around the world!


A1 Scorpion Volente – Force de Droite
A2 Scorpion Violente – Saignement Hallal

The Dreams – Tropique du Cancer

Selected press quotes:

“…Scorpion Violente is up first, and seeing that they share members with The Anals, you might think you know what they’re going to sound like, but they take a left turn into dizzyingly  dour minimal electro with a dadaist flair, especially on “Force de Droite”, a filter-crammed blast of raw electronic gurgling and futuristic intent.  On the flip, The Dreams trade in a similar  brand of electronic fury, and their sole contribution here, “Tropique de Cancer” is a scorcher, filled with short-circuiting electronics and all manner of Hades-scraping atmospherics and harsh  oscillating vibes.” (Impose Magazine)

“…Den Hörer erwarten sehr krachige und experimentelle Stücke, die einen ganz eigenen Charme versprühen. Beileibe nicht Jedermanns Sache, aber das ist auch nicht die Intention. Ein
bisschen ausgeflippt muss man schon sein, aber wenn dem so ist, dann weiß diese Scheibe zu unterhalten.” (Terrorverlag)

“Psycho electro punks are here…” (Chain DLK)