The Wheel Of Rituals – Immanent EP

The Wheel Of Rituals Immanent EP (CD, edition of 100 copies, 8 panel xeroxed fold out artwork + bandcamp digital release)

The Wheel of Rituals is an alias of Roberto Auser, veteran Dutch electro / electronic music producer, and his darkest sounding project. This is only the third release in five years time. With a vinyl on Viewlexx and a tape on Cefalù Tourist Information (a label run by Monocorpse) it seems the only proper way to continue the journey with this CD EP.

Music-wise the “Immanent EP” is a minimal electronics effort in the purest sense of the definition: a perfect mix of old school elektro sounds and early industrial moods. Some of these tracks will take you down a haunting road while some others are there for the dark club nights which dare to cover music to move to but avoid a typical pounding techno beat.

This EP is simply among the best Roberto Auser has produced up till now. No more words needed.

Tracklisting (listen here…):
1. Sleepers
2. Critical Space
3. There Was A Time
4. Empty Frame
5. Immanent
6. Premonition