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Tobias Bernstrup – Romanticism

Tobias Bernstrup – Romanticism (LP + 12″, 300 copies) SOLD OUT

Here is the fourth full length album by Tobias Bernstrup… moving away a bit from the italo influenced sound of his previous releases this is much more produced as a state of the art contemporary synth pop record… but don’t be afraid… these are still tracks to dance away on in the dark of the night… next to up to date dance music orientated pieces there are also tracks with a more classic approach… like EBM style rhythms and 80’s influenced synthpop tunes… and throughout the album there is the typical Tobias Bernstrup touch of decadent and hedonistic moods… next to that this release features a remix by EBM and futurepop star Apoptygma Berzerk… giving the album just another future dancefloor favorite for sure!

A1 Moments Lost
A2 Happy Sad
A3 Until Tomorrow
A4 Oceans

B1 Hitman
B2 Seek And Destroy
B3 Romanticism
B4 Dorian Gray

C1 Revolution
C2 Laterna Magica

Moments Lost – Apoptygma Berzerk remix