Various Artists – Reality As A Stage Set

Various Artists – Reality As A Stage Set (digital, free download)

We conceive the world around as reality… as a solid state of being… but it is not… it is a stage set… a construct… a frame… a bubble in which we float…

Only very few things can make cracks in this construction… and shake our belief in this static world… but the current virus going round the world (2019-2020) is one of those things able to puncture holes in our bubble… and show an alternate reality beyond the stage set…

So… welcome to the new reality… the next reality… or the more real reality as the reality perceived before… accept uncertainty… and accept fear… accept loss… accept the now… and accept this as a new standard…

A moment of recognition like this asks for contemplation… sit back… think…read… listen to music…

This free digital compilation was curated for this specific moment and consists of some (but not including all) of my personal favourite tracks taken from vinyl records I released in the last few years. Several of the artists on this compilation have a bandcamp page where you can get the complete release the track featured here is taken from. Please support these artists if you can…


Below is the tracklisting… the complete compilation can be streamed / downloaded here…

01 Ô Paradis – Tiempo
02 Europ Europ – Desert Moon Over Me
03 Zosima – White Nights
04 Neugeborene Nachtmusik – God Is A Crocodile
05 Monocorpse – On The Other Side Of The Mirror
06 Vitriol – So are Venom!
07 Unhuman – Seven Days
08 Sturqen – Ruina
09 Leroy Se Meurt – Lağım
10 TWINS – Wait For Harm
11 R A D K O – Cherno PPP