Back on Intergalactic FM

As from today (Monday the 6th of January) I am back at Intergalactic FM with a new monthly radio show called: Elitepop. Always on the first Monday of the month (Black Monday) at 21.00 hour at the Cybernetic Broadcasting System (CBS) channel… One hour of music straight out of ET HQ…

What to expect? Well… basically what I played at the Radio Resistencia shows but maybe a bit more free-spirited… so anything from post-punk to post-industrial to post-everything… from beats to drones… from contemporary to pop… always with some darkness and moodiness and/or ¬†weirdness and craziness in there… just what I am into at that moment… And no talking… just music!

So.. tune in & drop out… And… in case you missed out on the transmission I will post the shows afterwards on the ET Soundcloud