dj M at Gifgrond

A few weeks ago I had a great time at Gifgrond… the Gifgrond ladies invited me again to curate a night at their wonderful venue and event… here is a report in Dutch by VPRO 3voor12

I already wrote a bit about lately… now I also posted my dj set online I did after the live acts for the dance part of the event… it is a dj set of about 2 hours with loads of 80’s and also some more contemporary stuff… think in the likes of elektro-wave, synth-pop, minimal electronics and so on… long time since I did a dj set with these tunes… years and years ago, mostly during the Hex nights way back… and also did I not play for the dance floor since some time… it was great fun and there was an enthusiastic audience which made it extra nice to play these songs… enjoy!

Boy Harsher

Boy Harsher is a duo from the US that recently released their debut album on DKA… they did a few EP’s before on other labels… even though their music is sounding quite modern due to the production the music is non-stop flirting with 80’s elektro wave… the mood of the album entitled Yr Body Is Nothing is quite dark and the music has hints of Kirlian Camera, Eurythmics and Q Lazarus… also it is a bit similar to the likes of Violence and Gold Zebra…

Here is a full track to check out…

I have some copies for sale at the ET webshop