dj M. – Lesson#64

There is a new mixtape online now… this one is like a dark meditation as somebody else put it… even though I myself think it is not that dark… the sounds range from ritual soundscapes to experimental folklore influenced pieces to psychedelic movements… it features music from Paul Kelday, Namenlosigkeit, Psykopharmaka, Brannten Schnuere, Gryke Pyje and many more…

In Disarray

In Disarray is a blog/podcast platform which describes themselves as “a loose knit group of individuals with a love of noise, jakbeat, EBM, mentasm techno, new wave, post punk, dark disco, acid, drexciyan electro, classic jungle, 80s electronica, unconventional club music…”

Reading this description it might be no surprise I liked a lot do to mixtape for them… this dj set is now online and it features all unreleased stuff from the ET archive… ranging from 2003 to 2015… from minimal synth to more experimental electronic soundscapes… and some of this will be released after all… but not much of it… enjoy!

The Brvtalist


Featured on The Brvtalist blog is the upcoming Gooiland Elektro compilation “Noblesse Oblige” and a special mixtape by Neugeborene Nachtmusik…

You can read some words on the compilation and listen to the mix here…  Neugeborene Nachtmusik did a mixtape featuring a lot of music I released on Enfant Terrible…  and created  a dark ritualistic trip…  enjoy while waiting for “Noblesse Oblige” (coming soon now!)…

dj M. – Soft Top Mix

Yesterday was the first real day of spring here in the Gooiland… so a perfect day to go out and drive a bit  with the car with the roof open… and especially for these days (and nights) I have recorded a dj set / mixtape some years ago… it is an italo vibed / influenced synth pop and  electro pop kind of mix… with some classics and some lesser known tracks… after many listening rounds of this mix in the car I still can enjoy this one a lot… simply a mix of some personal favourite tracks!

Enjoy… and recommended in some cool car with the soft top open…

dj M. – Lesson#62

A new mixtape / dj set is online on my mixcloud… this time a rather pounding mix with some new and older Gooiland Elektro stuff as well as some records released by Aufnahme + Wiedergabe and some other techno, EBM, industrial and related sounds… and yes there is a fuck up in there in the mix… but this only makes it real… for me at least… I only play vinyls  and record these mixes in one take… so things like this happen from time to time… enjoy!