dj M. – Secret Archive Mix

Not long ago I delved into my archive to see what was there for lost treasures… with my findings I did a mixtape… this dj set was recently published by the In Disarray blog/podcast platform (In Disarray 021)… now I also put it online on my mixcloud page… but you can listen to it here too…

As said this mix features unreleased archive tracks from the Enfant Terrible vaults… the material ranges from 2003 up to 2015… so from the true beginnings of the label (first record was released in 2004) up to the very present…

For various reasons these tracks have not been released… some were part of records already mastered and with finished artwork but were withdrawn in the end… other pieces are tracks not selected for the final record which saw the light… and some of the music has a totally different story…

This mix also shows the range of synth sounds that finds its home on my label… from poppy minimal synth to more experimental IDM stuff… still all tracks have some key essentials typical for Enfant Terrible… the music is electronic, minimal and obscure…

Here is the playlist:

Tv Tv Tunnelbana – Watching Neighbours

Adolf Filter – Dom Ver Flera

:Codes – Missed Appointment

La Mort De L’Hippocampe – La Vérité

Onont Kombar – Etwas Böses

Jongbloed – Elektro #1

Decollage – After The Silence

Radak – Lets Defeat Time

Milligram Retreat – The Knitted Bridge Of Keelah

Le Traingle De L’Androgyne – The Prophecy

Okrium – Melancolica Expresion

Oplen – Oroligheter


In Disarray

In Disarray is a blog/podcast platform which describes themselves as “a loose knit group of individuals with a love of noise, jakbeat, EBM, mentasm techno, new wave, post punk, dark disco, acid, drexciyan electro, classic jungle, 80s electronica, unconventional club music…”

Reading this description it might be no surprise I liked a lot do to mixtape for them… this dj set is now online and it features all unreleased stuff from the ET archive… ranging from 2003 to 2015… from minimal synth to more experimental electronic soundscapes… and some of this will be released after all… but not much of it… enjoy!

Mostly industrial

ETlogo_ruitThe  online magazine The Attic asked me as dj M. to record a dj set for them so accepted the invitation with enthusiasm … and as I am listening to a lot of industrial sounds (again) lately this dj set is one with mostly industrial music… but covering various decades and aspects of the genre…

You can listen to the mix with the tracklisting posted here…

Or you can simply enjoy the sounds here…